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Our lives happen online. We back up private data in the cloud. We share photos on social media. We work from home. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have antivirus software that increases your cybersecurity. At G DATA, you'll find security solutions that really protect, regardless of whether you use Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

Our software is tested several times a year by independent institutes and regularly receives excellent results:




Antivirus for Windows

Security Features for Windows

Award-winning virus scanner

Our next-gen security technologies effectively protect your Windows PC from viruses, rootkits, Trojans, spyware, and more – without sacrificing performance.

Secure online banking and shopping

Our patented protection blocks malicious phishing websites and protects you from data theft, keeping online shopping and banking safe.

Email protection

Incoming emails are scanned for suspicious content and files. Dangerous emails are blocked immediately before they can cause any damage.

Critical vulnerability protection

Our exploit protection prevents hackers from exploiting critical vulnerabilities in programs (e.g. Microsoft Office) in order to attack your Windows computer.

Protection against extortion Trojans

Extortion software doesn't stand a chance: Criminals are prevented from encrypting data on your computer.

Protection against tampered USB devices

G DATA stops suspicious actions coming from USB devices such as sticks or hard disks.

Strong firewall

Fully automatic protection against hackers and malicious software. You can set your own filters and rules to meet your specific requirements.

Parental control protects your children

Keep an eye on your children’s Internet usage: You can allow verified sites and set browsing time limits.

Password manager

Generate secure passwords and save them in the password manager. Insecure passwords like “123456” will be a thing of the past – your personal login data will be more secure.

Higher speed with the Performance Tuner

Increase your PC’s performance with just a few clicks. The tool deletes files on your computer that are no longer needed and increases the speed of your system.

Encrypt local data

Make an encrypted backup of your personal data in just a few moments and save it locally on your computer or on an external data carrier.

Access control for USB devices

Determine who can access the devices on your USB ports. Use this to prevent unauthorized persons from introducing malware into your system via external storage media.

Antivirus for macOS

Security Features for macOS

Award-winning virus protection

Our security technologies also effectively protect your Mac from viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other types of malware – without sacrificing performance.

Browser protection against phishing

Our software protects you from phishing websites and dangerous links while surfing the Internet.

Single scan of suspicious files

Scan individual files and data carriers for malware with a simple drag & drop.

Mac and Windows malware protection

In addition to Mac viruses, our virus scanner also detects Windows malware before you accidentally send it to friends, family, or colleagues.

Antivirus for Android

Security Features for Android

Effective protection against Android viruses

Our virus scanner works in the background and disables dangerous malware in time.

Browser protection against phishing

Web protection blocks phishing websites and dangerous links that can lead to data theft.

Locate & lock smartphone

Have you lost your Android phone or tablet? Our security solution lets you easily locate it and lock it remotely if necessary.

Full app control

Learn more about the permissions of your installed apps. Find out if your apps are secure or spying on you.

Mobile Security for iOS

Security Features for iOS

Browser protection against phishing

The integrated browser blocks phishing websites and dangerous links that can lead to data theft.

Secure QR code scanner

Harmless QR codes may be concealing dangerous malware. Our QR code scanner detects the danger early on and blocks access.

Locate smartphone

Have you lost your iPhone or iPad? Our security solution lets you easily locate it and play a loud beep – even if you have it on silent.

Automatic updates

Automatic program and signature updates allow you to keep your G DATA antivirus program up to date at all times.

German support 24 hours/365 days

Our support staff is based in Bochum, Germany and can be reached at local rates – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Proven security – qualified for your protection

G DATA guarantees you the highest security on the Internet. Our memberships in key industry associations reflect our high security standards.











We are securing the digital future

We maintain relationships, plan appointments, and communicate digitally. We also acquire knowledge, buy, and pay digitally. Digitalization makes our lives easier and saves us a lot of time. But it also makes us a target for criminal hackers, who carry out online account attacks, identity theft, and data theft.

Our mission at G DATA is to protect you from these threats. With our 35 years of experience, digital expertise, and pioneering spirit, we keep the digital world safe from our headquarters in Bochum, Germany so that everyone and every company can benefit from digitalization.

Other G DATA security solutions at a glance

Perfekt abgestimmt auf das Betriebssystem Ihrer Wahl.


Internet Security

Get our award-winning antivirus protection for Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS. The next-generation technologies DeepRay® and BEAST keep all kinds of malware away from your devices and are always reliable, no matter where you are. This is IT security at its best – made in Germany.


Antivirus Windows

Der Basis-Schutz für Ihren PC. Egal, ob beim Online-Banking, Shopping oder Surfen – wir schützen Sie auf Ihrem Weg durchs Netz. Next-Generation-Technologien sichern Sie vor neuester Schadsoftware, vor Internet-Erpressern und E-Mail-Betrug.


Antivirus Mac

Get our award-winning antivirus for macOS. The virus scanner checks files, links, and USB sticks for malware and removes them before they can do any harm. The integrated browser extension also protects you against fake phishing websites on the Internet.


Mobile Security Android

Reliable virus scanner that protects your Android smartphone or tablet against malware, data theft, and malicious apps. If you lose your smartphone, lock it from prying eyes in seconds or locate it so that you can recover it quickly.


Mobile Security iOS

G DATA Mobile Security iOS protects your mobile Apple devices against theft and phishing. The integrated web browser blocks malicious websites in time and prevents the theft of your data. The location function enables you to quickly find your lost iPhone or iPad.

Proven security – qualified for your protection

G DATA guarantees you the highest security on the Internet. Our memberships in key industry associations reflect our high security standards.

Es ist also gar nicht so leicht, sich eine gute Alternative [...] zu suchen, vor allem wenn man das Risiko der staatlichen Spionage als Kriterium künftig allen Ernstes mitbedenken muss. Dann könnte sich das gleiche Prinzip wie beim Obstkauf durchsetzen: Kauft regional. Hier käme G Data Software ins Spiel, ein Hersteller aus Bochum, von der Stiftung Warentest für seinen Virenscanner und seine tadellosen Datenschutzrichtlinien gelobt.

Technologies for the future of cybersecurity

DeepRay®: Using artificial intelligence to combat criminal scams

G DATA is putting cybercriminals out of business: Our DeepRay® technology – developed in-house – reveals camouflaged malware immediately. This means that hackers can’t simply change the camouflage of a malware to trick antivirus software for a new attack anymore. They have to rewrite the core of the malware itself – a much taller order.

BEAST: Powerful technology for high security

BEAST is a powerful guardian at your side. Whether you’re shopping online, chatting, or just surfing, the technology also protects you from the latest malware. BEAST uses behavioral analysis to detect malicious activity on your computer and can put a stop to it immediately – without slowing down your device.