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Best G DATA protection for Windows: Our brand new DeepRay® and BEAST technologies use artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis to detect camouflaged and previously unknown malware.

Secure on the Internet

Attacks during online banking and shopping, dubious websites, suspicious e-mails? No problem. Just keep on using the Internet and we'll take care of the rest.

Made in Germany

Your data is sacred to you? We can understand you well. That's why we attach great importance to maximum data security. And ensure that your data remains yours. Guaranteed.

Surf securely and with peace of mind with Internet Security – no matter on which device

The Key Features for Windows


Monitors all incoming and outgoing connections to protect against hackers and spyware – fully automatically or according to your own rules.


Automatically store your encrypted backups in the Cloud – using Dropbox or Google Drive.


No opportunity for extortion Trojans: Internet Security stops criminals encrypting your files.

G DATA BankGuard

Our patented technology secures your browser against manipulation by data thieves – for secure online banking and shopping.
The technology behind it 


Stops spam such as advertising and phishing emails and keeps your mailbox clean.
How it works 

Parental Controls

Control your children’s Internet usage. Specify times and only let your children surf to approved sites.

Virus scanner

Put your trust in the highest detection rates with technologies working in parallel. Receive new virus signatures every hour, for the best protection against malware.

Exploit protection

Protects your computer against criminals exploiting security holes in Office applications and PDF readers, for example.

The Key Features for macOS

Virus scanner

Antivirus for Mac detects and removes all types of malware such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, keyloggers and adware from your system. All in real time.

Phishing protection

Blocks fake and dangerous websites designed to intercept personal information such as login and credit card information.


The virus program for Mac quarantines infected or suspicious files in a secure area. The files can then no longer be opened and cause no damage.

Protection against Mac and Windows malware

The program detects not only Mac viruses but also malware for Windows systems. This prevents you from inadvertently forwarding infected files to family, friends or colleagues.

Secure files

If desired, Antivirus for Mac can also scan removable media or individual files for malicious components.

Automatic updates

Product updates and information about new malware are downloaded automatically on a regular basis.

The Key Features for Android

Surfing and phishing protection

Malicious and fraudulent websites are recognized and blocked immediately. This allows you to surf, bank, and shop securely – even on the go.

Anti-theft protection

If your SIM card is changed without your permission, you can remotely lock or erase the data on your smartphone.

App control

App control checks the permissions of your apps and detects if your device is secure or if it is being monitored covertly.

Virus scanner

Malware-free: Thanks to cloud connectivity, the scanner offers protection against all of the latest threats at all times.

Tracking and alarm features

Find a lost or stolen device using our online ActionCenter platform.

The Key Features for iOS

Security analysis

Check your Apple device for potential risks with the G DATA app. The previous owner, visiting a manipulated website, or downloading a malicious app can all result in a security vulnerability – helping malicious software to be installed without detection.

Phishing protection

G DATA Mobile Security protects you while surfing on the go. Its phishing protection feature immediately blocks manipulated and fraudulent sites, keeping your online transactions secure.

Alert tone

You know that your iPad or iPhone must be sitting at home in your living room somewhere. But where? Use the G DATA online platform to trigger a loud alert tone – even if the device is set to silent, and find your smartphone or tablet quickly.


Don’t give away your location to anyone: Use the G DATA Mobile Security to locate your iPhone or iPad conveniently online – all while remaining protected by Germany’s strict privacy policy.

QR code scanner

Thanks to the G DATA QR Code Scanner, QR codes are now not only practical – they are also secure since the information packed in them is only called up and used if the scanner has checked them and found them to be harmless.

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G DATA IS Android Box

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Real-time protection without performance losses
Browser protection for secure surfing
Quarantine suspicious files
Protection against Mac and Windows malware
Protection against Android viruses
Integrated browser with surf and phishing protection
Locate your device immediately thanks to the tracking feature
App control and password protection
Integrated browser with surf and phishing protection
Locate your device immediately thanks to the tracking feature
Keep an eye on your children’s Internet usage
Secure QR code scanner
Protection against viruses, ransomware, and other malware
Anti-Spam & phishing protection
Secure online banking and shopping
Strong firewall to protect against hacker attacks
Keep an eye on your children’s Internet usage
Encrypt backups and save them locally or externally
Never forget a password again thanks to password manager
Access control blocks unauthorized devices
Increased performance and security thanks to the integrated tuner

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One license, complete protection

Put your security solution together

Put your security solution together in the way that best suits your life. Combine our award-winning Antivirus programs in a way that matches your preferences and protect all of your devices with just one license – whether it’s a Windows PC, Mac, Android smartphone, or iOS tablet.

Manage your devices easily

Does your family likes to surf, game, and shop online? It’s difficult enough getting everyone on the same page.
All appliances in the household should be secured.

But security doesn’t have to be one of the chapters in that particular book: From now on, you can easily manage all of your family members’ security solutions in your personal My G DATA area. Did you get a new tablet for your birthday? No problem! Add another Mobile Security quickly and easily. You can also renew your license in My G DATA at any time. By the way: G DATA solutions for Windows provide the possibility to set up a child-friendly browser, to share only certain applications and to limit the usage time of the device.

How we protect you as you move around the web

When banking and shopping online

The connection between your bank and your computer is usually encrypted. Decryption of the data transfer takes place in your browser. Cyber criminals use banking Trojans to infiltrate this process. As soon as you carry out a transfer, the attackers manipulate the data being sent. Your money no longer goes to the intended recipient, such as an online shop, but ends up in a different account.
Of course, our virus scanner detects banking Trojans on the basis of their characteristics. If the malware already has its own signature, Internet Security renders the malware harmless while it is being downloaded. Our BankGuard technology* also protects you against dangers that are still unknown. The function ensures that your browser only displays checked, genuine content.
“Our protection technology works completely signature-independent and is built right into the browser.”– Ralf Benzmüller, Executive Speaker G DATA SecurityLabs

How does BankGuard do this?

Manipulations by banking Trojans take place in specific files in the random access memory. G DATA BankGuard automatically detects attempted infections and replaces the affected memory area with a safe copy.

While you send and receive emails

Besides the files on your hard drive and on external storage devices, our virus scanner also checks your emails for malicious content. This applies to all messages you send and receive via the email program on your computer. If the scanner finds nothing, our Anti-Spam function is also activated. The application checks the email for features that are typical of spam. These characteristics are used to calculate a value reflecting the likelihood of it being spam.

In addition to the separate evaluation, the OutbreakShield technology* compares the results to a database on the Internet – patterns of viruses and spam emails sent en masse are collated here.
Germans received 0 million spam mails per day in 2017.(Source: Statista 2018)
This enables Internet Security to close the gap that exists between the start of a mass mailing and the fight against it in real time, using specially adapted signatures.

When surfing

The virus monitor* checks every file that comes from the web. It stops infected documents, images and the like while they are being downloaded. This means that unnoticed downloads no longer pose a threat to you. When doing so, Internet Security not only relies on hourly updated virus signatures. Besides the signature scan, the software works with a Cloud solution. The properties of current files that contain malware are stored in this online memory. These properties are compared with those in your files – and you quickly find out if everything is OK.
Web addresses are also collated in the Cloud. If a URL is identified in the database as a distributor of malicious content, our browser protection blocks the site.
“Two of the most common attacks from the Internet: phishing sites and drive-by infections.” (Source: G DATA SecurityLabs)
 So when cyber criminals try to lure you into traps using phishing links, you have nothing to fear. This also applies to attacks via social networks. Links in fake posts and adverts are not opened in the browser.

Regardless of the Cloud*, our web protection checks every file sent to your computer to access a website. This enables dangerous content to be detected before you open the page.

* only available on Windows

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System requirements

  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 7 (SP1): min. 2 GB RAM (32 and 64 bit), CPU with x86- or x64-architecture
  • macOS 10.15 and higher, 2 GB RAM
  • Android 5 and higher
  • iOS 12.4 and higher
  • an Internet connection is required for the installation as well as for virus signature and software updates



Do you want even more security?


Make your digital life even more convenient – with G DATA Total Security. In addition to the best G DATA protection, you can take advantage of other practical features such as:


  • a password manager to generate and remember passwords easily
  • automatic backups on local devices
  • access controls for external devices and multiple user accounts


 More about G DATA Total Security