G DATA Brand Center

Here you will find guidelines and downloads,
to get started with the G DATA brand.

Our Logo

The logo is the heart and the most important distinguishing feature of the brand.
It is a visual representation of the company and its services.


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As a word and picture trademark it is the central visual design element of the G DATA look. It always appears in a prominent position and retains absolute autonomy in every application to ensure high, worldwide recognition.

To ensure a position of significance for the logo, care should be taken not to use more than one logo in a design area (or graphic). This applies, among other things, to advertising and communication media, advertisements, trade fair stands. The basic version of the logo is the central component for all variants of the logo. A clearly defined, protected area (minimum distance) of 1X around the logo creates a striking effect and gives it visual impact, space and strength. No other design element may be placed in this protected area.

In addition to our logo, the claim logo "Trust in German Sicherheit" can be used in a suitable place. The add-on logo is intended for use in representative or advertising contexts. This includes all media that are aimed at customers (B2C or B2B). These are advertising formats such as display ads, brochures, packaging, web banners, the website, etc. The add-on is not a necessary part of the logo. The size of the claim logo is based on the height of the lettering within our company logo and must not exceed this.

Different colour versions for the representation of our logo

The following adjustments are prohibited

  • • Changing the color
    • Overprinting or concealing parts of the logo
    • Adding Special Effects
    • Rotations 
    • Use of old versions
    • Adjustment of proportions
    • Use of other brands and logos to represent G DATA

Our font

The open source font "Source Sans Pro" is our corporate font. It is freely available and does not require licensing or payment of license fees. If you produce materials related to the G DATA brand, you are welcome to use our corporate typeface. Make sure you get the font only from us, as we always provide an internally tested version with all glyphs.


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Source Sans Pro" from other sources can serve as a fallback solution. For example, for a quick presentation when the font is not installed on a system. Other fallback solutions can be "Arial" or any other modern grotesque typeface (Helvetica, etc.).

Our colours

Colours support brand recognition. Please use this colour palette whenever you create materials with reference to G DATA.



Right of use: You may use these pictures for editorial publications and presentations in the context of G DATA. A reference to the source "G DATA CyberDefense AG" must be made in the immediate vicinity of the image.

Right of editing: The content of the pictures may not be changed. Adjustments to the format are only permitted if the core message of the image remains unaffected.