IT security
from the inventor of the antivirus

Making your digital life safe

We developed the world’s first antivirus software in 1987. Working from Germany, 500 employees now ensure the security of companies both large and small, critical infrastructures (CI), and millions of end customers all over the world with expertise and innovations. We are in close contact and share our information with German law enforcement agencies.

We enable our customers to navigate the digital world with independence and self-confidence – with the most advanced antivirus software, endpoint protection, and AI technologies such as DeepRay®, as well as security awareness training. And we train the people who will continue to provide digital security in the future with their knowledge, their ideas, and their work. 

Bundled with our digital expertise of 35 years, all this makes sure that we are laying the foundation for a successful and independent digital future: in Germany, the E.U., and around the world.

What makes G DATA special

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End-to-end cyber defense

G DATA developed the world’s first antivirus software in 1987. Today, we defend our customers against all kinds of cybercrime with end-to-end solutions and services using the most advanced security software and AI technologies and even offering online security awareness training to teach safe behavior to employees.


Always there for you

G DATA customer support is available 24/7/365, with support teams and the G DATA SecurityLab working hand-in-hand at the same location.


Independent tests prove

that G DATA IT security solutions provide best attack detection rates for effectively combating Trojans, malware and even unknown viruses.