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Be secure, no matter what you do today.

Whether you’re e-mailing your boss, chatting with friends, or posting a selfie from your vacation,

your iPhone or iPad makes your life more communicative. We take care of your Apple device using reliable anti-theft and phishing protection so that you can enjoy your digital freedom to the fullest extent.

Pure surfing pleasure

With G DATA Mobile Security iOS, you are always one step ahead of criminals: Our integrated browser prevents phishing attacks. It protects you from malicious websites even before they open. 

Find what you're looking for

Where is your iPhone or iPad? If you don’t know, G DATA Mobile Security iOS will help you: You can locate your Apple device using our online Mobile Security Center platform. Your location remains secure because G DATA adheres to Germany’s strict privacy policy. If your iPhone or iPad is within earshot, you can easily play a loud alert tone on your iPhone or iPad using the Mobile Security Center – even if the device is set to silent, allowing you to find your iPhone or iPad quickly. 

Always well-informed – thanks to security detection

G DATA Mobile Security warns you when a security vulnerability opens up on your iPhone or iPad. The G DATA security analysis also alerts you as soon as it detects something suspicious on your iPhone or iPad. 

Features of Mobile Security for iOS

Security analysis

Have you bought a secondhand iPhone or iPad? Check your Apple device for potential risks with the G DATA app. The previous owner, visiting a manipulated website, or downloading a malicious app can all result in a security vulnerability – helping malicious software to be installed without detection. G DATA Mobile Security iOS lets you know whether your iPhone or iPad has been affected.

Phishing protection

Whether on the train, in a café, or on the couch at home: G DATA Mobile Security protects you while you’re surfing on the go. Its phishing protection feature immediately blocks manipulated and fraudulent sites, keeping your online transactions secure.

Alert tone

You know that your iPad or iPhone must be sitting at home in your living room somewhere. But where? Use the G DATA online platform to trigger a loud alert tone – even if the device is set to silent, and find your smartphone or tablet quickly.

QR code scanner

QR codes are everywhere. But they don’t always lead to useful links and vCards. Many of them also act as a gateway for viruses, malicious downloads, or phishing sites. This is impossible to detect at first glance. Thanks to the G DATA QR Code Scanner, these codes are now not only practical – they are also secure since the information packed in them is only called up and used if the scanner has checked them and found them to be harmless.


Don’t give away your location to anyone: Use the G DATA Mobile Security iOS to locate your iPhone or iPad conveniently online – all while remaining protected by Germany’s strict privacy policy.

Mobile Security Center

Make use of our online platform: The G DATA Mobile Security Center allows you to manage all of your iOS devices centrally.

Service and system requirements

24/7 Support

Our support team is there for you 24 hours a day, every day of the year. One call is enough. That’s how simple and easy service can be.

System requirements

Use G DATA Mobile Security iOS on all your mobile devices with iOS 12.4 or higher.


Do you want even more security?


Do you also want to protect your Mac? No problem with G DATA Antivirus Mac. The real-time scanner scans your system for malware in the background – without slowing down your Mac.


  • risks to your device are detected and removed immediately
  • integrated web protection blocks malicious links
  • check new files or USB sticks easily via drag and drop.


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