Announcement of 03. January 2019

With these IT security tips, hangover mood is guaranteed in the new year

G DATA shows what users should definitely not do if they want to be safe from cyber threats in the new year

Stop smoking or do more sports - these are classic resolutions for a new year, but what about your own IT security? For G DATA the case is clear: users should use the turn of the year to take a critical look at it and improve it if necessary. Therefore, the IT security manufacturer shows what users should not do if they want to be safe from cyber attacks in the new year.

"This year, cyber criminals will again go on the hunt for valuable personal data that can easily be turned into money. Here the perpetrators will rely on targeted attacks. Comprehensive protection of mobile devices and computers and the information stored on them is therefore indispensable," explains Tim Berghoff, G DATA Security Evangelist. "Anyone who does not check their IT security status critically on a regular basis is easily vulnerable and may give criminals a belated Christmas present.” Everyone is different. Anyone who likes to live risky lives will certainly get along with the following (non-) tips.

Five tips for uncertainty that make the heart of cybercriminals beat faster

  • Goodbye virus protection: Powerful security software is usually part of the basic equipment of every PC and mobile device. Those who do without efective protection against malware make themselves the easy target of cyber criminals.
  • Just don't bring in any updates: The operating system and all applications installed on the devices are regularly supplied with updates by the manufacturers. For more risk and excitement, however, Internet users should refrain from using these patches, as criminals still have access to unclosed security holes for attacks.
  • A simple password for all online accounts: Many Internet users have their own password for each online shop and account. However, no one can remember all the different passwords. Instead, a simple password, e.g. "Password" or "1234", facilitates the daily logon chaos on the Internet. This also makes the work of criminals easier because multiple accounts can be compromised in one attack. And password managers are overrated anyway.
  • Data backup - what for? Family photos or videos can be backed up. But this takes time - and users are always careful. The data is not lost so easily. And if they do, there is much more room for many new photos, because the old ones can no longer be saved.
  • Apps from all sources: Many apps and applications are liable to costs. If you want to save money but don't want to do without the necessary dose of risk, you shouldn't just trust the stores of providers, device manufacturers and Google Play at Android. Other providers also have interesting and useful apps - sometimes with a hidden malicious function and usually even for free. But you only live once, right?

G DATA has summarized serious tips and tricks for a safe digital life in its guidebook.

Announcement of 03. January 2019