Announcement of 12. February 2019

G DATA warns of dangerous love fraud on Valentine's Day

IT security manufacturer explains Love Scam attacks

Many people search the Internet for partners and uses digital dating to find a new love, but not everyone is serious - Love Scam is the keyword. Criminals use dating services, chats and social networks in a targeted manner to make it easier for unsuspecting singles to obtain money or personal documents such as identity papers. The German IT security manufacturer G DATA warns Internet users on Valentine's Day of these love fraud attacks and gives tips for secure online flirts.

"Love Scam is a very perfidious scam that works well from a criminal point of view," explains Eddy Willems, Security Evangelist at G DATA. "The criminals take advantage of the singles' good faith and only let their victims go when they no longer respond to messages. For users, Love Scam can have serious consequences if, for example, the perpetrators use identity papers that have been transmitted for forged identities and crimes. So they should stop chatting immediately if they feel it's all about money or personal information."

How Love Scam works

Many singles seek their great love on the Internet. In social networks and online dating apps they quickly come into contact with other people who are looking for a new partner.

This is where the Love Scam thing comes in: Via fake user profiles - often with pictures showing a very good-looking woman or a man - the perpetrators make contact with the singles. If the contact gets closer, the perpetrators ask for sums of money, for example to pay for a plane ticket for the alleged meeting or to be able to pay for allegedly necessary medical treatment. If the lovers pay the money, the amount is irretrievably lost.

Often the criminals are also after official documents, e.g. passports or identity cards, and ask for a copy, in order to use these for forgeries.


So that singles in search of great love don't fall for Love Scammer, they should take some advice to heart. The German IT security manufacturer gives tips for safe flirting on the net.

Seven G DATA safety tips against successful love scamming

  • Do not make payments to unidentified persons: If the flirt partner asks for money, for example for a flight ticket, a visa or medical treatment, no payment should be made.
  • Do not send copies of official documents: ID cards, passports and other official documents should never be sent. Users will then no longer have control over what happens to the documents.
  • Beware of fast vows of love: If flirters are showered with excessive declarations of love at the first contact, beware.
  • Dobblecheck names on the Internet: Users can check the name of their new acquaintance online and see if it is known as a scamming profile. In the case of pictures, it is also worthwhile to search for pictures in the opposite direction; you may get even more information here.
  • Reimburse criminal charges: Users who have become victims of Love Scam should report the crime to the police immediately. This is especially important if legal action is to be taken against the victim for payment or misuse of identity.
  • Well protected on the Internet: A comprehensive security solution with powerful real-time protection is part of the basic equipment of every computer, smartphone and tablet and protects against malicious code. Users are particularly well protected with G DATA security solutions with newly integrated DeepRay technology. With the help of artificial intelligence, it provides even better protection against harmful processes.
  • Be up to date: The software, apps and operating system installed on the PC and mobile device should always be up to date and all available updates should be installed immediately. This allows users to close security gaps that criminals could exploit for attacks.


Announcement of 12. February 2019