Announcement of 13. March 2019

G DATA is awarded as double champion at secIT by Heise

Business customers award G DATA as double champion in the categories "Malware Protection" and "E-Mail Security

The analyst firm techconsult presents two Champion Awards to G DATA at the SecIT by Heise in Hanover: "Malware Protection" and "E-Mail Security". This is due to the consistently positive ratings of business customers who were surveyed in the "Professional User Rating 2019: Security Solutions".

More than 2,000 companies were surveyed in a user study on their satisfaction with the solutions they used. The evaluation was based on more than 60 individual criteria in 14 evaluation areas. All notable providers of IT security solutions active in the German market were compared. techconsult GmbH, which is also the client of the user study, awards G DATA the coveted Champion Awards in the areas of "Malware Protection" and "E-Mail Security".

Hendrik Flierman, Global Sales Director of G DATA Software AG: "In 2019, we not only successfully defended our title in the Malware Protection category, but were also named champion in the E-Mail Security category," says Flierman proudly. "The price and purchase models were rated particularly positively. Our business customers are particularly satisfied with the combination options of on-premise and cloud operation as well as managed services, and benefit from the flexibility of the options".

Hendrik Flierman

In 2019, we not only successfully defended our title in the Malware Protection category, but were also named champion in the Email Security category.

Hendrik Flierman

G DATA Global Sales Director

The user evaluation took place on two levels:


  • Satisfaction with the manufacturer in the context of the solution
  • performance
  • functional scope
  • ease of use
  • solution benefit
  • Product loyalty and purchase recommendation

Company rating

  • innovation
  • overall product portfolio
  • Service and Support
  • sales partners
  • online presence
  • Price and reference models
  • sustainability
  • Information, advice and training

techconsult itself comes to an outstandingly positive overall conclusion in the research note: "User companies that are currently looking for a malware protection and / or e-mail security solution should look at G DATA products in the context of their own application case and include them in the selection of potential solutions. In addition to G DATA's self-evident yet explicit commitment to all European and German data protection laws and requirements, attention should also be paid to G DATA's additional self-imposed obligations with regard to data protection".


Announcement of 13. March 2019