Announcement of 11. October 2021

Connected security for companies: G DATA business solutions now with SIEM interface

Cyber defense manufacturer launches revised security portfolio for companies on the market

Many companies have a Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) to keep track of their IT security and the various components. Thanks to the new SIEM interface, G DATA business solutions can now also be integrated. In addition, the cyber defense manufacturer has revised the Report Manager and made it easier to control the network connection of clients. G DATA Business Solutions 15.1 is available immediately; companies with a valid license can upgrade free of charge.

The new G DATA Business Solutions 15.1 offer several innovations. The biggest advantage for customers is the new interface to Security Information and Event Management systems (SIEM). SIEMs are used in many companies. For example, any deviations in a system can be picked up in the SIEM, allowing a cyberattack to be stopped in its tracks. With Graylog and Splunk, he new SIEM interface supports the most widely used systems.


Version 15.1 of the business solutions is available now. Enterprise customers who have a valid licence can upgrade free of charge.

Sascha Levölger

SIEM services are a useful part of cyber defence. With the new interface, we are networking the system with our business solutions. We are thus strengthening the IT security of companies and protecting them from cyber attacks.

Sascha Levölger

Product Owner B2B Solutions at G DATA CyberDefense

New Report Manager

The cyber defence manufacturer has revised the Report Manager in the business solutions. This makes internal reporting by IT security managers even easier. IT managers in companies regularly receive all important information about the work of the G DATA business solution used, such as the number of attacks averted, by e-mail. Individual adjustments to the information provided and the reporting frequency can be defined in the Defense Report.

G DATA Business Solutions 15.1 at a glance

  • G DATA Antivirus Business
  • G DATA Client Security Business
  • G DATA Endpoint Protection Business
  • G DATA Managed Endpoint Security

Key features of G DATA Business Solutions 15.1

  • Comprehensive protection against cyber threats through the use of state-of-the-art security technologies, such as BEAST (behaviour-based detection of malware) and DeepRay (protection against cloaked malware using machine learning)
  • New: SIEM interface
  • Security for virtual machines thanks to G DATA VM Security
  • Modern user interface with intuitive operation
  • Multi-client capability in G DATA Endpoint Protection Business and G DATA Managed Endpoint Security - resellers can manage the G DATA security solutions of several customers in a single instance
  • New: Revised Report Manager
  • Optional: Mail Security with mail server-independent and central e-mail protection with virus and spam filters
  • Optional: Patch Management module, with which software security gaps can be closed promptly
  • Optional: Linux Web Security Gateway equips the Squid-based web gateway with comprehensive protection against viruses and phishing


Announcement of 11. October 2021

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