Announcement of 18. February 2020

More protection thanks to graph-based security. G DATA integrates BEAST into its new Business LineUp:

New technology for behaviour monitoring of malware is now part of the B2B portfolio for the German Cyber Defense provider.

BEAST technology is now part of the new G DATA Business Solutions 14.3. The process reliably detects malware on the basis of its harmful behaviour. To do this, BEAST traces the processes in a graph database and also enables the complete rollback of a malware installation. Nowadays, cyber criminals often rely on combining tools that are actually legitimate into an attack chain to attack businesses. With BEAST, G DATA is putting a stop to this tactic and offering comprehensive, powerful protection against cyber threats. The German Cyber Defense provider’s Business LineUp 14.3 is available to companies now.

G DATA CyberDefense has introduced the latest version of its Business LineUp to effectively ward off current cyber threats. This version contains the new BEAST detection technology. This provides companies with effective behaviour-based protection against zero-day malware, without any user queries whatsoever.

Thomas Siebert

Cyber criminals are constantly working on increasingly tricky ways of avoiding detection. For example, malicious behaviour is distributed over multiple processes. Conventional behaviour blockers find it hard to recognise such complex interrelationships. BEAST closes this detection gap.

Thomas Siebert

Head of Protection Technologies, G DATA CyberDefense

BEAST - the complete picture of cyber threats

BEAST is now part of the German Cyber Defense company's new business solutions - G DATA Antivirus Business, G DATA Client Security Business, G DATA Endpoint Protection Business and G DATA Managed Endpoint Security. The technology reliably detects malware on the basis of its behaviour. To do this, BEAST uses a performance-optimised graph database to trace suspicious processes in a graph. Malicious processes are immediately and clearly identified and terminated - safely, quickly and without the risk of false alarms. BEAST thus provides a complete picture of current cyber threats.


Companies especially benefit from BEAST, because the avoidance of false positives saves money that would otherwise have to be spent on the costly elimination of false alarms. In addition, the technology can completely roll back the installation of the malicious code using the information recorded in the graph database.

Continued support for Windows 7

Microsoft stopped delivering updates for Windows 7 on the 14th of January 2020. However, G DATA security solutions are still compatible with the outdated operating system, enabling customers to migrate to Windows 10 without having to sacrifice the protection provided by the security solution. However, the Cyber Defense company strongly advises all customers to switch to the current operating system in order to continue to receive security-related updates.

G DATA Business Solutions 14.3 at a glance

G DATA Business Solutions 14.3 at a glance:

  • G Data AntiVirus Business
  • G DATA Client Security Business
  • G DATA Endpoint Protection Business
  • G DATA Managed Endpoint Security

The most important features in G DATA Business LineUp 14.3

  • New: BEAST - behaviour-based detection of malware
  • Integrated DeepRay protection against concealed malware through artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Layered security for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients, for comprehensive, re-source-efficient protection against online threats
  • Security for virtual machines thanks to G DATA VM Security
  • Multi-client capability in G DATA Endpoint Protection Business and G DATA Man-aged Endpoint Security - retailers can manage the G DATA security solutions of multiple customers in a single instance
  • Optional: Patch Management module that can close software security holes in a timely manner
  • Optional: Linux Web Security Gateway equips Squid-based web gateways with comprehensive protection against viruses and phishing


G DATA Business Solutions 14.3 can be trialled free of charge for 30 days. The system requirements for the individual components can be viewed online.

Today's businesses need comprehensive protection against current threats. The starting point for this is still the effective protection of clients in the network via an endpoint protection solution. In addition, G DATA CyberDefense offers comprehensive IT security services and awareness training to train employees effectively and affordably.


Announcement of 18. February 2020

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