Announcement of 28. August 2019

G DATA Internet Security for Android celebrates test victory with top marks

Mobile Security App from German IT security provider impresses at AV-TEST with perfect protective effectiveness, performance and user-friendliness.

Android users get the best protection against malware with G DATA. This has been confirmed in the current test by renowned research institute AV-TEST. In July 2019, G DATA Internet Security for Android detected every instance of malware and was awarded the highest score of 6 three times.

The danger to smartphones and other mobile devices from malicious apps remains very high. In the first half of 2019 alone, G DATA security experts counted more than 10,000 new malware apps per day. Because smartphones are now almost indispensable, constant companions, they are an attractive target for cyber criminals. An up-to-date, powerful security solution for mobile devices provides reliable protection against dangerous apps. AV-Test regularly checks which apps offer particularly good protection.

In the current test in July 2019, independent research institute AV-TEST tested a total of 20 security solutions for Android for their protective effectiveness against current threats. The tested apps had to prove the full range of their protective functions and properties in a realistic test scenario. The applications were also tested for their performance and battery consumption.

G DATA Mobile Internet Security for Android detected every malware instance, achieved a 100 percent malware detection rate and is thus above average in the test field. The smart security app was also impressive in terms of performance and battery consumption. The German IT security manufacturer’s security solution rightly received full marks and, as a result, the coveted AV-TEST certification. The test also showed that the Google Play Protect in-house protection functions are not sufficient.

The following noteworthy categories were included:

    Over a period of several days, malicious apps were installed on a device and checked to see if the respective AV solution could detect them within a few seconds. 3347 malware strains were tested. G DATA Internet Security for Android detected all of them (100 percent detection rate).
    In this category, the testers copied harmful apps once to a device where they were scanned by the AV solution. G DATA Internet Security for Android delivered an impressive detection performance of 100 percent (3433 of 3433 malware strains detected).
  • FALSE DETECTION OF ANDROID APPS (from 3rd party app stores)
    The task: Scan clean apps from 3rd party sources for which there are no virus alerts. G DATA Internet Security for Android again achieved full marks with no false detections.
    Clean apps from the Google Play Store were tested by the AV solutions. The result: G DATA Internet Security for Android tested 2342 clean apps with no false positives.

Key features in G DATA Internet Security for Android

  • Security against phishing and malicious websites via Cloud-based detection
  • Protection against infected apps: The app checker verifies the permissions of apps and issues warnings about inquisitive apps
  • Protection against Android malware: The Cloud connection enables the resource-saving Advanced Scan to detect all malware and stay fully up-to-date at all times
  • Customisable SMS and call filter to block telemarketing calls, etc.
  • Protection if the device is lost or stolen: If the smartphone or tablet is lost, all the data stored on it can be deleted, or the device can be locked or located.
  • Comprehensive, configurable parental controls so children can also use the mobile device.


Announcement of 28. August 2019