Announcement of 07. February 2018

The 112 number for the virtual fire brigade G DATA Advanced Analytics

The G DATA subsidiary helps to set up effective fire protection for the company network and is on call in the event of an emergency

11 February 2018 is European 112 day. Thanks to the Europe-wide single emergency number 112, everyone in the EU knows which telephone number to dial in an emergency. Companies that need help with virtual fire fighting, however, contact the virtual fire brigade that can be called out 24/7: G DATA Advanced Analytics.

Fewer than half of German medium-sized companies have an IT contingency plan that shows exactly which measures need to be taken quickly when a virtual fire breaks out. This was demonstrated by the G DATA Business IT Security Barometer 2017 - a study that has caught the eye of German SMEs. The concept of an IT emergency strategy is important in order to react quickly to unforeseen events. To put out the fire quickly, the key risk factors of the corporate network must be identified. For example, it is important for it to be protected against cyber attacks. A failure of the systems has economic consequences, which, depending on their extent and severity, may mean bankruptcy. Entrepreneurs or IT managers can call on Bochum-based G DATA Advanced Analytics on the phone number 0234/9762-800 to prevent such a doomsday scenario. It systematically checks the IT infrastructure and work processes for vulnerabilities and closes potential gateways for attacks.

The G DATA Advanced Analytics virtual fire department is at the ready

"We offer services such as penetration testing or red teaming, incident response, forensics, malware analysis and consulting," says Dr Tilman Frosch, Managing Director of G DATA Advanced Analytics. "We have been successful in helping several companies, ensuring business continuity and averting damage thanks to the quick actions of our emergency response team.”

In addition to direct and competent help, G DATA Advanced Analytics also offers awareness training to get employees up to speed. Often, they tip the scales when it comes to staving off a potential cyberattack. A good example would be the Human Resources Department, which receives daily letters from applicants and prospects. An e-mail cover letter is often accompanied by file attachments in .pdf format, as well as application photos, and opening and appraising them is part of the job. For attackers, the perfect loophole to smuggle a malicious code file into the corporate network. Another possible gateway would be the manipulation of an employee. The attacker influences the employee with the aim of imitating a certain behaviour or carrying out actions. Learning how to detect this is also part of one of many training courses covering IT security issues.

Confidentiality and privacy are paramount

Trust is particularly important when a company is at its most vulnerable. Discretion and quick help are the most important qualities that emergency specialists need to demonstrate. G DATA Advanced Analytics works 100% confidentially and independently. In addition, the strict data protection guidelines that G DATA and its subsidiary G DATA Advanced Analytics guarantee its customers apply. The principle of the EU General Data Protection Regulation is already being followed today: Keeping the collection of processed corporate data and telemetry data to an absolute minimum. With this trust-based approach, the customer is on the safe side - especially when a virtual fire really does break out in the corporate network and all thoughts are trained on how to solve the problem.

Company profile

G DATA Advanced Analytics GmbH (GD ADAN) is a full subsidiary of G DATA Software AG and serves the diverse and often very individual needs of companies and public institutions in the areas of Malware Analysis, Incident Response and IT Infrastructure Security, and provides customer-specific security solutions. We successfully combine the flexibility of a young company with the power of our parent company, G DATA Software AG, garnered in the course of its 30 years of experience in the market. DG ADAN has made a name for itself since the company was founded, particularly in the fight against cyber attacks against the health sector. Highly skilled experts in malicious software and IT infrastructure security in conjunction with a powerful development team allow GD ADAN not only to provide highly specialised services, but also to implement customer-specific security solutions effectively and promptly.

Announcement of 07. February 2018