Announcement of 10. October 2017

G DATA Business version 14.1 with improved protection features

New Business line-up with integrated Ransomware protection

Attacks by Ransomware have increased significantly this year - the blackmail trojans Petna and WannaCry have impressively proven this. Large companies such as Maersk and Beiersdorf suffered triple-digit million losses. Thanks to its fully integrated anti-ransomware technology, the new G DATA Business version 14.1 leaves no chance for blackmail malware and reliably protects against unknown threats. The new business security solutions are now available.

Improvement thanks to Anti-Ransomware technology

With the new business lineup 14.1, G DATA is extending its security solutions with proactive technology against Ransomware. This complements behavior-based recognition with a next-generation technology that recognizes and blocks encryption attempts at an early stage on the corporate network. Operational failures are now a thing of the past by the prevention of Ransomware attacks.

Even better overview and administrability

IT administrators face major challenges when it comes to securing their own corporate network. The reason for this is the increasing heterogeneity of the network due to more and more devices being connected. Therefore, it makes sense to use a policy management system which makes employee's IT devices manageable and therefore controllable. With version 14.1, device controls can be defined with user-specific exceptions. For example, you can set which people can have access to USB sticks on the computer while others in the company are still prevented from accessing them.

IT administrators can therefore ensure that malware is kept away from the corporate network in the future even more effectively. If unusual activities are detected, IT managers are immediately warned.

My data remains in Europe!

In 2011, G DATA signed a TeleTrust commitment. The result: a "no backdoor" guarantee. The IT company based in Bochum, Germany, has committed itself to ensuring that no breaches in its security solutions are made available for intelligence services. G DATA leaves no back doors open, ensuring not only the best possible but also trustworthy protection against online threats. This point in particular is very important for companies that also take privacy and the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) very seriously. Furthermore, G DATA promises that the collection of personal data and telemetry information has been reduced to a minimum. This approach already complies with the principle of EU GDPRs - and much more: the processing of such information and data also takes place in Germany.

Overview of G DATA Business Solutions Version 14.1

G DATA Antivirus Business

This network solution also protects corporate networks against Ransomware using proven and award-winning anti-virus technologies.
G DATA Antivirus Business is managed from the central management console and automatically protects all servers, workstations, notebooks, and Android and iOS smartphones
without reducing performance.

G DATA Client Security Business

G DATA Client Security Business offers the best possible all-round protection for company data of any kind. The integrated active hybrid protection combines signature-based and proactive security technologies into an insurmountable barrier against cyber attacks, malware, exploits, ransomware, sabotage and data theft. In addition, the Client Security Business includes a firewall and an anti-spam module.

G DATA Endpoint Protection Business

Thanks to G DATA Endpoint Protection Business, companies have multiple levels of protection: Active hybrid protection reliably protects IT systems against all online threats and responds proactively to new threats. In addition to malware protection, an AntiSpam module and built-in exploit and anti-ransomware protection, the network solution also includes a policy manager that allows administrators to enforce compliance with their policies for Internet, device and software use.

G DATA Managed Endpoint Security

Companies that do not have their own IT department do not need to compromise their IT security thanks to G DATA Managed Endpoint Security. G DATA Managed Endpoint Security enables the IT service provider to manage customer networks without having to be on-site. The protection of business customers is combined with the convenience of managed services in an all-inclusive package for partners and their customers.

G DATA Managed Endpoint Security powered by Microsoft Azure

IT security can now also be outsourced to the German cloud. With G DATA Managed Endpoint Security powered by Microsoft Azure, costs can be calculated and security performance scaled. The cloud connectivity guarantees 99.95 % availability. And because the data centers of Microsoft Cloud Deutschland are located in Frankfurt and Magdeburg, the data remains in Germany. T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, controls access to customer data as a data trustee.

The most important key features at a glance

  • Comprehensive and resource-saving protection against online threats with layered security for Windows, Mac and Linux clients
  • Protection against Ransomware
  • G DATA Mobile Device Management: Integration of all Android and iOS devices as fully-fledged clients in the defensive ring
  • Protect clients from vulnerabilities in installed software with exploit protection
  • G DATA BankGuard module for secure online payment transactions
  • USB Keyboard Guard reliably protects clients from malicious USB devices
  • Integrated protection against spam and virus-infected mails
  • Full functionality even outside the network, e. g. for field service laptops or other mobile devices
  • Clear dashboard that displays all relevant information in a user-friendly way
  • Software and hardware inventory for all clients - easier administration through detailed inventory display
  • Remote administration also possible via web interface from anywhere
  • Surffilter blocks websites that do not fit into the daily work routine.
  • Optional: Mail Security with mail server-independent and central e-mail protection with virus and spam filter
  • Optional: Network monitoring to monitor the complete infrastructure from printer to server
  • Optional: Patch management module, which allows software vulnerabilities to be closed in real time.
  • Optional: Linux Web Security Gateway provides Squid-based Web Gateway with comprehensive virus and phishing protection
  • Optional: Premium Service & Support extends the Business Security solution version 14.1 to include the comprehensive services of G DATA specialists

The G DATA Business Solutions can be tested free of charge and without obligation. For more information about the computer system requirements, see System Requirements.

Announcement of 10. October 2017

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