Secure your network on a budget.

IT Security for educational institutions


  • Industry: Education
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Size: 1000 Users
  • Network: 16 Windows Server 2012/2008 R2 servers, 1000 Windows desktops and laptops


  • Implement solution on a tight budget
  • Secure external storage media usage and remote access
  • Maintain client performance



  • Excellent malware detection rate
  • IdleScan prevents client performance decrease


  • Saving money through competitive pricing
  • Fewer malware infections
  • No impact on client usage


Graham Hurst, Network Manager

Because of the large number of untrained network users, school networks are a high-risk target for malware. To protect IT infrastructure from planned or unplanned malware incidents, deploying a security solution is essential.

Oakham School is a co-educational independent day and boarding school serving over 1000 pupils aged 10 to 18, located in Oakham (United Kingdom). The school has a highly developed IT infrastructure with over 40 kilometres of optical fibre spanning the town-wide campus. School buildings as well as boarding houses are provided with wired and wireless internet access, serving around 1000 desktops and laptops. Oakham School had not yet experienced major malware issues but Network Manager Graham Hurst had two main concerns: the potential spread of malware via remote access and the risk that students could infect the school network through external storage media. “All students have remote access to enable them to work from home, so there is potential for them to transfer malware from their home computers. The same goes for the use of USB sticks and portable hard drives. If a drive is infected, students might unknowingly spread viruses to the school network.” As Oakham’s IT department needs to ensure a safe internet environment, Hurst foresaw another potential issue: “Students are free to surf the internet in their free time, which includes the use of social networking sites. We are very aware of the potential dangers of using social networking sites and although students are taught to exert caution when using the internet, there is always a possibility of spreading malware unknowingly.” The security solution Oakham School previously had in place to tackle these issues slowed down the machines dramatically and did not detect malware as quickly as needed. The school required a solution that did not require as many network and machine resources and, perhaps most importantly, had high malware detection rates.


Hurst signed up to Virus Bulletin, an information service that provides companies with information about malware prevention, detection, removal, and how to recover data following an attack. After receiving regular bulletins, Hurst discovered that not only was G DATA coming out on top over a period of time, but that it also had one of the highest percentages of malware detection rates. Soon after, Oakham School deployed G DATA Antivirus Business. All network clients, including desktops and laptops, are now protected using state-of-the-art malware detection. The IdleScan technology scans computers while they are not in use and CloseGap ensures excellent malware detection rates. If pupils accidentally connect an infected data storage medium or remotely connect from a malware-infected PC, the risk is immediately neutralised and the network remains free of infections.


Oakham School has been using Antivirus Business since January 2011 and has seen many benefits, including a cost saving of 40%. “This saving is huge” says Hurst, “We are receiving a better service while spending less money.” Additionally, there is no noticeable performance hit: Antivirus Business does not slow down the clients and it offers an excellent malware detection rate, making sure any potential security risks are quickly contained. G DATA also offers technical support by phone or e-mail 24/7/365. Although Hurst has never needed the service, he is happy to know it is there in case he needs it.