Moritz Fiege Private Brewery

Fiege Relies on “Locally-Sourced” IT Security


  • Industry: Brewery
  • Country: Germany, Bochum
  • Size: 30 clients
  • Network: Data center with Cloud environment


  • Highly universal applicability
  • Easy and clear administration
  • Protect the IT-integrated production plants

Our Solution

  • G DATA Antivirus Business with Premium Support


  • Constant overview in G DATA Administrator
  • German provider and compliance with German data protection laws
  • Detection of threats and irregularities in operations thanks to the rapid assessment by the management console

The Moritz Fiege private brewery has always set great store by its “made in the Ruhr area“ quality. That’s paid off and the beers of the long-standing company are famous well outside of Germany. And quality is also a top priority when it comes to the company’s IT security. The manufacturer found the solution to meet its requirements with G DATA Antivirus Business.

The Moritz Fiege private brewery is a traditional Bochum company that enjoys a storied 140-year history. The first sweet beer brew was mashed as far back as 1878. Today at the Bochum site, the brewery’s beers are still brewed according to traditional brewing methods and with natural ingredients. Throughout the whole process, there’s a lot of manual work and an obvious love for the product.

In order to keep its production at this high level and to satisfy its customers now and in the future, all processes need to work together seamlessly. That’s why the private brewery uses the most state-of-the-art IT. The business processes are mapped in the IT infrastructure so that all parameters area always in view, from purchasing raw materials to logistics and administration. Transparent operations and constantly current data help the family company to maintain their competitive edge in the market. To keep its IT up-to-date, the Moritz Fiege Brewery migrated to a cloud environment. Today at the company location’s location in Bochum, there is a data center with modern server infrastructure to ensure rapid adaptability to new factors in the business processes. High scalability and good manageability are critical parameters Moritz Fiege’s IT uses to set the course for the future. Together with the Bochum system house Otten and Freckmann, a company which itself looks back at a successful 40-year history, Fiege created an infrastructure where all processes are centrally hosted in the cloud. The employees access these via thin clients with an embedded operating system.

“We were faced with the challenge of updating our IT infrastructure. The control of production, customer data and other business-relevant data needed to be consolidated and structured,” says Markus Beste, IT manager at the Moritz Fiege private brewery, about the purpose of the migration. We knew that a failure of the IT system would practically bring the entire operations to a grinding halt, since the internal network structure is of vital important for the producer. So it’s critical that the central file server, as well as the production machines, be optimally protected.

Prior the migration, IT products were being used at Fiege with individual licenses. And the same went for the security solution. The requirements for the new security product were highly complex. We had to pull off the balancing act between highly universal usability and an administration that was as simple and intuitive as possible,” says Carsten Schwebel from Otten and Freckmann about the requirements profile. “There was also the additional requirement that production plants integrated into the IT be effectively protected as well.”

The ‘Made in Germany’ aspect was a very conscious priority for us in making our selection for the security solution. We need to protect valuable existing data and wanted to make that the German data protection laws were implemented with no ifs, ands, or buts.

Markus Beste, IT manager at the Moritz Fiege private brewery

Comprehensive security with G DATA Antivirus Business

The choice for G DATA Antivirus Business was a quick one. An all-in-one, “Made in Germany” solution that meets all the requirements of the private brewery. Even sophisticated IT environments can be centrally managed via network areas. G DATA Antivirus Business supports multi-server operation as well as clusters and heterogeneous structures. This allows the brewery to maintain its long-established structure without limiting its use from a security perspective. There is a constant overview in G DATA Administrator despite the heterogeneous network architecture. In addition to the security aspect, a simple and seamless integration – i.e. connection to the active directory – as well as the possibility of a quick overview of all devices used and their status is one more of the solution’s benefits.

“The ‘Made in Germany’ aspect was a very conscious priority for us in making our selection for the security solution. We need to protect valuable existing data and wanted to make that the German data protection laws were implemented with no ifs, ands, or buts.” says Beste. “What’s more, the G DATA Antivirus Business impressed us with an amazingly simple administration. The roll-out also went smoothly and quickly in our company so we were able to completely rely on the security straight from the start.”

G DATA Antivirus Business thrilled those responsible for the implementation at the Moritz Fiege private brewery not only by its technical features, but also by its comprehensive protection. Here, reactive and proactive components inter-lock perfectly and different security clusters can be defined. These definitions allow certain devices to be grouped together (production, administration, etc.) and to be assigned specific access rules. This provides a constant guarantee that only authorized access to these devices can be granted. Heterogeneous infrastructures are also thoroughly monitored by dedicated security guidelines at sensitive interfaces – especially the company’s production facilities and CRM systems. In the management console’s assessment, the administrator can quickly and confidently detect irregularities in the operations or a possible threat situation at any time. Markus Beste is absolutely satisfied with the decision for the G DATA solution. “With G DATA Antivirus Business, we’re optimally protected. The suite gives us control over the entire system at all times, effectively eliminating gaps in the process.” Premium Support from G DATA provides added security. Even after the migration, the Moritz Fiege private brewery is supported by the G DATA-certified system house Otten and Freckmann. Moritz Fiege hasn’t had any need to call on the Premium Support thus far. Says Carsten Schwebel, “everything in Bochum is running smoothly”.