Digital transformation calls for strong security

Microsoft Cloud solution provider Dicide relies on G DATA’s cloud-based IT security solution.


  • Industry: Cloud solution provider
  • Country: Germany, Kiel
  • Product portfolio: Microsoft Cloud solutions, such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Azure, security solutions, hardware


  • A turnkey solution from the Microsoft Cloud in Germany
  • Communication and security combined in one bundle
  • Detection of malware on the customer’s IT infrastructure

Our solution

  • Cost-effective security software
  • G DATA Managed Endpoint Security via Cloud solution
  • Security even for the customer’s heterogeneous infrastructure


  • G DATA’s Managed Endpoint Security powered by Microsoft Azure exclusively from the German Cloud
  • Data protection from Microsoft Cloud in Germany
  • Positive customer feedback

Dicide GmbH was founded in 2015. It is part of the Vater Group and offers its customers planning for their digital strategies as well as training and other related services. The Microsoft Cloud solution provider also sells two products to small and medium-size companies (SMEs), to help them bridge the gap to digital transformation in terms of security too: “Dicide Complete Business + Security” and “Dicide Managed Endpoint Security”. The latter includes G DATA’s Managed Endpoint Security powered by Microsoft Azure, which provides targeted protection and has been part of its product portfolio since February 2017.

“How we’ll be working in the future” is the tagline for the mission Dicide has committed itself to. Based in Kiel Germany, the company’s aim is to make digital decisions easier for its customers by providing them with industry-specific solutions. As part of the Vater Group, which has over 400 employees, Dicide has a strong network at its disposal and the skills needed to meet its customers’ diverse IT solution requirements – and to do so on an international level.

And yet how do you dismantle obsolete structures and implement new technical solutions in a digitally integrated approach? A sports agency came to Mr. Mathias Penz with this very question. Penz is responsible for Dicide’s products and offers and was able to offer his customer the “Dicide Complete Business + Security” product. This solution package also contains G DATA’s security solution in the Microsoft Cloud Germany. “Thanks to G DATA’s security solution, emails and files on the customer’s system were discovered that had been infected with malware,” says Penz. “Now the customer is completely satisfied.”

We researched a lot of other antivirus providers, but at Microsoft’s recommendation, we then looked into G DATA’s security solution.

Mathias Penz

Finding the right IT security provider

In order for Dicide to provide its turn-key solution and security package, it needs to be able to comprehensively protect a heterogeneous IT infrastructure, not just for today’s customers, but for future ones too. “We’re a relatively young company, so we need to make sure we’re offering different solutions and diversifying ourselves on the market,” Penz says. “We encounter SMEs that have implemented extremely diverse solutions. Some are properly protected, but others not at all.” Dicide’s aim is to provide its customers with comprehensive, on-site advice and offer them a total package solution. Penz says this starts with an analysis of the customer’s business processes, moving on to process optimization, ultimately leading to an expert and tailor-made product recommendation. “It’s obviously critical for us to find out whether there are weaknesses in the customer’s company that need to be uncovered and improved.” The challenge was to find the right IT security solution that could be seamlessly integrated into Dicide’s existing product portfolio. “We researched a lot of other antivirus providers, but at Microsoft’s recommendation, we then looked into G DATA’s security solution. Since Dicide’s existing products also worked with Microsoft Cloud in Germany, “we came to the decision to build a stand-alone solution package,” says Penz. “So we immediately adopted a two-layer strategy. On one layer, by using the significantly increased data security of Office 365 from Microsoft Cloud in Germany, and on the other, by using the G DATA security solution powered by Microsoft Azure Germany. That was the only way to make a perfect fit.”

The journey is the goal

The new “Dicide Complete Business + Security” and “Dicide Managed Endpoint Security” products have been on the market since February 2017. The reason for their release was clear. “We wanted to make existing customers aware of the new package while attracting new customers,” Penz says. “After the analysis interview, we present them with an offer containing possible building blocks, in which G DATA’s security solution is a significant factor. Penz explains that it then comes down to mobilizing the employees and having them successfully promote the solution package with the Managed Endpoint Security powered by Microsoft Azure. “Our newly repackaged products are still young and everything is still in flux. But we now have potential customers who, for instance, tell us quite specifically that they want a concrete solution from the Microsoft Cloud in Germany. These would be the perfect candidates for our new product portfolio,” says Penz.