Eligibility Requirements

By participating in the G DATA partner programme, you confirm your consent to the following terms and conditions:

Offensive content

The affiliate partner guarantees that no content will be made available that infringes any current law or offends common decency. In particular such content includes sexually salacious images, depiction of violence, as well as radical, discriminatory, offensive or defamatory statements about race, sex, religion, politics, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age, as well as any web pages which are in any way illegal.

Advertising G DATA products on web pages that glorify violence or contain pornographic, discriminatory or offensive content, as described above, is forbidden. G DATA reserves the right to refuse to place advertising for these reasons and to terminate existing partnerships plus cancel any open transactions with these partners.

Instructions relating to email advertising

The G DATA advertising partnership offer applies solely to interested parties who conduct web page advertising. Email advertising is generally excluded from this offer.