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  • Reliable protection against viruses, Trojans and phishing.
  • Compatible with macOS Catalina.
  • 2 months free trial.

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    Your Mac. Your data. Your security.

    Tomorrow the product presentation is finally on the agenda. The most important event of the year. And once again the finishing touches have to be made. The e-mails keep flying in. No time to think. You open one mail after the other like on an assembly line. What is that? The attachment looks inconspicuous, could be an important document of the external service provider. Quickly opened by double-clicking - immediately your G DATA Antivirus Mac warns of a malicious virus. Thankfully you invested in professional Mac security - unthinkable what would of happened if the malware had destroyed your work.

    No chance for malware

    It automatically detects and removes threats to your Mac without slowing down your computer.

    Protection against dangerous links

    Whether searching the web or surfing social networks: If you click on a malicious link, our virus protection for macOS blocks malicious websites.

    Virus scan on demand

    Scan files or entire USB sticks for malware lightning fast. Simply via drag & drop over the G DATA application window.

    G DATA Antivirus for Mac:
    The most important features

    Virus scanner

    Antivirus for Mac detects and removes all types of malware such as viruses, spyware, Trojans, keyloggers and adware from your system. All in real time.

    Phishing protection

    Blocks fake and dangerous websites designed to intercept personal information such as login and credit card information.


    The virus program for Mac quarantines infected or suspicious files in a secure area. The files can then no longer be opened and cause no damage.

    Protection against Mac and Windows malware

    The program detects not only Mac viruses but also malware for Windows systems. This prevents you from inadvertently forwarding infected files to family, friends or colleagues.

    Secure files

    If desired, Antivirus for Mac can also scan removable media or individual files for malicious components.

    Automatic updates

    Product updates and information about new malware are downloaded automatically on a regular basis.

    Your all-round protection specifically for macOS

    Always safe - with real-time protection

    When you're editing, writing, or relaxing with a movie, the real-time scanner is there for you. It scans your system for malware in the background - without slowing down your Mac. When a file is created, opened or modified, G DATA Antivirus for Mac checks this process and terminates suspicious operations. To protect you from adverse effects, potential malware is quarantined. You then decide what to do with it.

    Manual scans

    Malware can easily hide on USB sticks or external hard drives. Scan any removable media you connect for malware.
    Simply drag and drop files or folders onto the G DATA application window to start the virus scan.
    Simply drag and drop the icon of the storage stick, a selected file or entire folders into the application window of your G DATA Antivirus for Mac. You'll know immediately if a stowaway wants to smuggle himself in.

    Protection for family and friends

    Protect your friends and relatives from cybercriminal attacks. G DATA provides you with Windows signatures in addition to efficient virus protection for Mac. Windows malware is not a threat to your Mac, but it can reach PCs via e-mail or removable media. With G DATA Antivirus for Mac you do not further spread Windows viruses.
    The experts at G DATA Security Labs counted 0 new types of malware in 2017, with Windows accounting for by far the largest proportion of platforms on which malware is active.

    Surf the Internet without worry

    We also look after you and your family on your way through the web: The G DATA Internet protection for your browser recognizes harmful links and blocks deceptive phishing sites. Activate the extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox at the touch of a button.

    Simple and intuitive operation

    The clear user interface makes it easy for you: Just select with a click what is to be scanned - and everything is safe. In the application window, you can also check the current security status of your system at any time.

    System requirements

    • macOS 10.12 or higher, 2 GB RAM
    • To install the software for virus signatures as well as for software updates, an Internet connection is required

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    133,879,314 Euro damage

    has already been prevented by our patented BankGuard technology while online banking or shopping. We use our experience and advanced technology to ensure that your money remains yours.

    600,000 malicious files

    are examined by G DATA virus analysts daily. Our experts are working tirelessly for your security so you no longer have to worry while on the Internet.

    13 attacks per minute

    are reported on average by our customers. G DATA security solutions not only prevent all of these attacks – our intelligent technology is constantly learning how to reliably defend against even unknown malware.

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