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Patch Management

Close security vulnerabilities automatically. Anytime. On any device.

Close vulnerabilities in Adobe, Chrome, Java, and more

Complete control over how up to date your IT systems are

No downtime thanks to compatibility tests for software patches

Companies are in a constant race against cybercriminals. Hackers see an opportunity the second a security hole is discovered or a patch has been released. If you don’t patch something quickly enough, you offer them an open door to your company data.

G DATA Patch Management

Closing Gaps Before They Are Exploited

Companies use a plethora of programs, different operating systems, and a growing number of PCs and mobile devices. This makes patch management a complicated and time-consuming task that many companies cannot manage at the pace they need to.

G DATA Patch Management helps you automate the entire process of eliminating vulnerabilities – from detection and prioritization to the distribution of patches throughout the system.

Patch Faster with G DATA:

Centralized Solution for Third-Party Vendors

Many patch management tools only work for specific software vendors or applications. G DATA Patch Management gives you a single centralized solution for Microsoft Windows as well as for over 200 programs, such as Adobe, Java, and Chrome.

Distribute Patches Automatically

If you have to gather updates yourself and install them manually on each individual PC, then that’s time in which you’re vulnerable. Our tool automatically provides all the software patches relevant for you and distributes them to all your devices.

No Costly Downtime

Don’t waste time with costly downtime caused by compatibility issues. Rolling out updates in a test environment first allows you to prevent compatibility issues on the clients right from the get-go.

Simple and Powerful Patch Management

Companies quickly lose track of which updates are installed and which ones are not, which is a threat to security. G DATA Patch Management lets you experience full transparency and have control over how up to date your IT environment is:

  • Get an overview of all the installed programs and Microsoft Windows versions in your network
  • Discover open vulnerabilities and missing patches
  • Update programs on selected PCs or entire groups of devices all at once with just one click
  • Create patch distribution jobs in the system based on individual schedules

Close Critical Vulnerabilities Quickly

Every year, several thousand security vulnerabilities are discovered and patches to fix them are released. This makes it difficult to set the right priorities in patch management. With G DATA, you can identify which vulnerabilities are particularly crucial for you and close them immediately:

  • See whether new patches have high, normal, or low priority at a glance
  • Set up immediate automatic installation for highly critical patches
  • Have patches also be installed automatically if they meet certain criteria, such as manufacturer or product name
G DATA Patch Management

Patch Without Having to Worry About Downtime

Some updates have been installed and suddenly nothing works anymore? Don’t worry, this can’t happen to you with our Patch Management software:

  • You will only receive bug-free patches that we have already pre-tested for you
  • Verify whether updates will cause problems in your network in advance in a test environment
  • Do you want to reset everything back to the way it was? Rollback jobs allow you to easily uninstall patches that have been applied
G DATA Patch Management

Report on your Successes

Our Patch Management software offers you comprehensive reporting options::

  • Receive reports and get a quick overview of whether the patch was distributed successfully
  • Customize your reports with flexible filtering options and user-defined parameters
  • Create performance summaries for management or detailed reports for your technical staff
  • Have reports sent automatically at specific, scheduled times

The Perfect Add-on for your G DATA Business Solution

The Patch Management add-on can be integrated into your G DATA business solution without needing to reinstall it. It appears in your G DATA Administrator as normal. Patch Management completes the IT security of your systems in harmony with the existing functions.

Talk to our experts today about how our solution can help you automate your vulnerability management.

24/7 Support

The service and support team are located in Bochum – right next to the software development team. You can reach our experts at any time by phone or by e-mail, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Even More Security for Your Company

Secure your Mail and Proxy Servers

Supplement your business solution with our add-ons for mail and proxy servers: They not only filter out malware at the endpoint, but at the server or gateway level.

  • Block threats before they reach endpoints
  • Protect even smartphones or guest devices without Endpoint Protection software
  • Prevent employees from accessing harmful pages, links, or content


Server security for mail and proxy servers