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on demand and without local installation

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Noun, neuter [that]; judgment, verdict; In this case: we check one or more files online and give a verdict on whether or not they are defective.
  • Do you work with files in the cloud? Now you can easily check them for security risks!
  • You buy server capacities, to scan files centrally? You can save the costs!   
  • You don't have time for an elaborate implementation? You don't need it!

Cloud Antivirus

Storing files online instead of on local storage devices has many advantages. Companies can easily share content among colleagues or with external service providers - regardless of whether they are located three offices away, in a home office or in another country. In addition to central data storage or collaboration tools, backends of websites or chat applications are of course also dependent on data storage in the cloud.

In times of digitalisation, all these applications facilitate collaborative work and make it more efficient. But they also carry the risk of spreading malware. A good virus scanner can ward off threats, but local scans are often not complete, they are resource-intensive, and they are simply sometimes forgotten. A better solution for files distributed over the Internet: an automatic scan when they are being sent or uploaded. That's exactly what our ""Verdict-as-a-Service"" (or ""VaaS"" for short) service does - an antivirus for your cloud.

How does Vaas work?

Convenient and simple: with Verdict as a Service, you can check any file for malicious content by contacting the G DATA Antivirus Cloud. No on-site hardware infrastructure is required. Our cloud virus scanner is operated in DSGVO-compliant data centers. All files are transferred encrypted and not stored in the cloud. You retain full control over your data.

Our On Demand Scanner is lean, fast and easily scalable. From one file to over 1 million per day? We can do it. Your verdict is given within milliseconds of the scans.

Cloud Antivirus integrates very easily with applications, websites and services, without the need for specialized security and threat knowledge. Use the scan engine flexibly on demand, whenever you need it. No matter what virus scanners you already have in use - Verdict as a Service is always a useful addition.

At a glance: What are your benefits with the Cloud Antivirus from G DATA?

  • Scan On Demand: No local installation necessary. All scans run over the Internet.
  • Scan-Speed: Fast scan engine with verdicts within milliseconds.
  • Scalability: We can handle millions of files per day if needed.
  • Simplicity: Our ready-to-use Software Development Kits (SDKs) allow you to integrate VaaS without special IT security knowledge.
  • Customizability: You can work out a customized anti-malware solution directly with our developers.
  • Flexibility: You can also host our antivirus cloud on premise, so files don't have to leave your company at all.
  • Privacy: Guaranteed without backdoors. We work together with a German cloud provider.

We are pleased that we have found a strong partner from Germany for the offer of our cloud antivirus solution in IONOS. For you, this means not only a high level of security, but also a high degree of reliability. The IONOS servers are always available and protected against failures. Just like G DATA, IONOS attaches great importance to excellent service and support. The IONOS support department is located in Germany and is available around the clock. Protecting customer data against unauthorized access is also a top priority at both companies - unlike many large cloud services.

Verdict-as-a-Service with our cloud virus scanner is the first product from the new partnership and we are delighted that it was named a finalist for the title of "Cloud Project of the year" at IONOS immediately after its launch.

Mehr erfahren

Sound's interesting?

Then why not take a non-binding test first? Simply contact our team. Your contact will be happy to set you up with access to our Antivirus Cloud, which you can use to check your files for malware.

Small preview of our On Demand Scanner

You also have the possibility to run a small test directly. Simply drag and drop a file or a hash value (SHA256) into the window below and we will check your submission for malware. Very simple and of course free of charge. You will receive immediate feedback as to whether your sample is malicious or not. And that's exactly what you can expect with Verdict as a Service: Security On Demand.

Check by upload

Here you can upload any files. In the public demo the max. file size is limited to 10 MB.

You can get a malicious test file at

Drag & drop to upload file

Verification via file hash

Verification by SHA256 hash of the file to be checked is also possible.

To do this, enter the hash here:

Potentially unwanted program
Unknown Hash

Raw API-Response

Unknown file hash. Please use the file upload to check the file.

An error occurred

You have reached the daily limit of requests!

If you want to do a longer trial or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either through a contact form or by scheduling a call with one of our Devs.

Different anti-malware technologies are available for you on request

Double Scan Engine

  • Two perfectly complementary antivirus scan engines


  • Behavioral protection against previously unknown malware


  • Protects against stealth malware using machine learning and AI


  • Monitored execution of files in a secure environment

Integration scenarios


Do you share company data online with employees or service providers? Secure it as soon as you upload or download it.

Website & CMS systems

Make sure you're not spreading malware through your website with our on-demand scanner.

Communication systems

Anything that passes through mail servers or chat platforms can be scanned with our scan engine.

File & object storage

Use our cloud virus scanner for your data management - no matter what storage architecture it's based on.

IoT / Mobile Devices

Comprehensive protection for access via networked devices.

Gateways & Proxies

Run scans before files arrive on addressed devices.

Verdict-as-a-Service also as OEM version

If you sell cloud solutions yourself and would like to offer your customers an additional security component, then feel free to take a look at our OEM website. There you can also contact our developer team directly.