Switching providers made easy - dispelling preconceptions by talking to presales


A company is no longer satisfied with its current IT security solution. And yet they shy away from switching providers. But doing so is easier than they think. The Presales Consultants at G DATA CyberDefense have the right answers to the questions niggling IT managers and will develop a suitable solution for every customer.

There are many reasons why companies are dissatisfied with their antivirus software. On the one hand, there are clearly commercial considerations because, for many companies, cost is always the bottom line, and because price is always an important purchase criterion. But problems with support also cause disgruntlement among customers when, for example, communication has to be in English or technical errors take ages to resolve. In addition, undetected cyber attacks that paralyse the network, poor usability, inadequate performance or compatibility problems in the network cause dissatisfaction for customers. But the fact is that, when a company finds itself in a situation like this, one thing is clear - a better solution is needed.

The fear of new things

Companies tend to shy away from risk and stick with their existing solution.

Matthias Koll

“IT administrators are often forced to come to terms with the situation and try to make the best of it. In some cases, they simply switch off security functions in the solution or stop installing important program updates. But by doing so they are opening the floodgates to cyber criminals. Then there can no longer be any suggestion of the company being protected.”

Matthias Koll

Head of Presales at G DATA CyberDefense

One reason for sticking with the existing solution is that there is simply a lack of time or personnel for additional IT projects. The staff and time required for uninstallation and a well-planned rollout is considered by many to be very high. Often, companies are not familiar with alternative solutions and are not aware that it is an easier, better, cheaper and safer option.

And the residual risk also discourages some people from making the necessary restart. They fear that cyber criminals will find loopholes in their defences and infiltrate the network. Another frequently heard counterargument is that it’s not clear whether a new solution really offers better protection and will be compatible with all the applications.

Shouldn’t things be a bit better?

Through discussions with customers and potential business partners, the Presales Consultants know the requirements for an optimal endpoint security solution. These range from a solution for every device to a clear, easy-to-use management console and German-language support, which is of course available 24/7/365. At the same time, IT managers expect that custom requirements can also be implemented. This particularly focuses on the protection of industry-specific applications or complex network structures. In other words, the solution should run silently in the background, not disrupt everyday business and protect the company comprehensively.

Anyone who asks long-standing customers of G DATA why they opted for us will always get the same answers. One big plus is the intuitive interface, which can be used immediately and without a settling-in period. G DATA customers also appreciate being able to use G DATA Endpoint Protection Business without the need for extensive training for IT administrators. Further arguments in favour of G DATA are the high availability of the German-language support service and the regional support provided by an on-site contact. The company's in-house premium support is especially popular because it solves problems quickly and customer-specific requirements can be implemented. Customers also like the eye-level collaboration between medium-sized companies. But it is not only the direct collaboration with business partners that is important. “Continuous exchange with IT resellers is an integral part of our strategy,” says Matthias Koll. “We complement the expertise of IT resellers and do not see ourselves as their competitors.”

First plan, then act

Anyone who continues using their existing security solution for fear of complications, even though they have doubts about it, is behaving negligently and endangering their own IT. Rather, it is time to act and look for a new provider who can not only offer a convincing IT security solution, but also guarantee a seamless transition between the old and the new with a holistic security concept.

G DATA has developed a tried-and-tested process model based on many years of experience and provides comprehensive support for customers switching providers. Preparation begins virtually during the contract negotiations. This is when the G DATA Technical Account Management Team, or TAM Team for short, steps in. They take a very close look at the existing IT infrastructure - from the structure of the network, through deployment options, to the existing endpoints. After all, preparation is everything when it comes to managing the switchover. Technically, thousands of clients can be migrated simultaneously. With a detailed plan from uninstallation to migration, this is always successful. This ensures that the switchover has no impact on ongoing operations. And although antivirus software is deeply integrated into systems, uninstalling it is quite easy nowadays. Thanks to the practised procedure, the experts also install the new software quickly, so that the systems and staff are able to resume work without any major interruptions.

Anyone who is afraid of switching the provider of the security solution they use is endangering the IT security of their company. With a clear strategy and a detailed plan, the switchover will be seamless, ensuring that companies are comprehensively protected against current cyber attacks.

from Stefan Karpenstein
Public Relations Manager