Greetings from Berlin! The Virus Bulletin Conference 2013


It was now the international conference's 23rd edition during which AV industry representatives met to discuss current research matters as well as new technologies and developments. And of course they also met to hold the traditional table soccer tournament.

This important AV conference was now held in Germany for the second time and it has chosen Germany's hotspot, for sure. The city's international flair provided a splendid venue for conference attendees from all over the world who were looking forward to experience a top-class program.

Topics regarding the NSA and cyber espionage were undoubtedly popular. But discussions about possible future partnerships between various companies and organizations, against the joint enemy cyber criminals, were omnipresent, too.

G Data gives some VB2013 impressions
Video: G Data gives some VB2013 impressions


Table Football Championship

There was another highlight, taking place off-stage: The 7th international AV Table Football Championship, presented by G Data. Ten high-profile teams formed the international field.
In the end, the favorite team and defending champion managed to bring the cup home again: Team Germany (G Data) won the thrilling final against Team Czech Republic (Avast) after four sets. Team USA (Microsoft) finished in third, Avira (Germany) in fourth.
Picture: Impressions of the championship tournament