New banking trojan about to show up!


In the next couple of days there will most probably appear a new player on the Trojan horse market. Its name is “Ares“.

Like “Zeus“, it comes with a modular design, to add individual modules. It is said not to be focused on banking, but since every customer could get his/her own private version of this Trojan Horse, the developer says: “…[“Ares”] has the same banking capabilities as Zeus & SpyEye which can be added provided the customer wants it. I actually consider this more of a platform which is customized to each buyers liking


The “Ares” creator also announces something like a developer program. Developers can get the software developer kit (SDK) free of charge if they are willing to provide a loyalty fee when they sell modules. Otherwise the complete package with SDK will cost US$ 6,000. The starter package will cost US$ 850 - without the feature to build one’s own modules, but with the possibility to buy and use modules from other developers. Prices are to pay in WebMoney currency, of course. WebMoney is an e-payment provider, which is in vogue for anonymous cash transfers.


Screenshot: The ares Command & Control interface


The G Data security experts expect to see this Trojan horse in the near future. The “Ares” developer posted a long list of features and planned modules – but, we should not forget that this is his personal advertisement to sell his product and therefore things might appear better than they actually are. Nevertheless, WE will keep our ears and eyes open to follow the latest developments and YOU make sure that you use a comprehensive security suite and protect your pc and your data.