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Comprehensive security for your Windows PC

G DATA security solutions are the perfect addition for Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. All G DATA solutions work unobtrusively and reliably in the background, without slowing down your PC or disturbing you with tedious pop-ups and questions when surfing, gaming or working.

Why antivirus software?

Whether you are using online banking services, shopping online or just surfing, your life is online. Hence it is important for your personal data to be fully protected against theft and misuse. Cyber criminals use viruses, Trojans and other methods such as phishing to get hold of this sensitive data. Some malware on the other hand simply aims to cause as much damage as possible and to delete irreplaceable data permanently and irretrievably. Hence you definitely need to protect your system against malware and suspicious emails if you:

  • shop or bid in auctions online
  • entrust irreplaceable photos, songs and videos to your system
  • access your bank account online
  • stream films and TV shows
  • play computer games, especially in multiplayer mode
  • make phone calls or send SMS online and visit social network sites
  • let your children use the PC

Tailored protection:

Do you want to protect your PC against viruses and other malware? Opt for ANTIVIRUS. The multiple award-winning INTERNET SECURITY provides additional security against hacking. You can get the all-round, worry-free package including automatic backups and much more, with TOTAL PROTECTION.




Best protection against viruses and other online risks
Behavior monitoring of files
Instant protection for your email
Protection against security vulnerabilities in your software
Secure online banking and shopping
First-hand premium support
Customized update management
Protection against hacking via a secure firewall
AntiSpam to stop advertisement and phishing emails
Protection for your children with age-appropriate surfing
Secure backups in the Cloud
Increased performance with the integrated tuner
Browser Cleaner to block tedious add-on programs
Protect your data via strong encryption
Access control for USB sticks, hard disks etc.
Optimised for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP

Virus Bulletin
April 2014

"The record of success continues strongly. G DATA breezes to another VB100 award."

AV Test Testsiegel - G DATA erreicht in den Bereichen Schutzwirkung und Benutzbarkeit nahezu komplette Punktzahl

AV Test
June 2015

G DATA achieves almost full marks in the protection effectiveness and usability categories. Read the full test results here.

IPACSO Siegel - G DATA als innovativster IT-Sicherheitsanbieter Europas ausgezeichnet

October 2014

The jury, which consisted of researchers and companies, recognized G DATA as the most innovative IT security provider in Europe in the Innovative Cyber Security Company category.

IT Security "Made in Germany"

Numerous scandals in the past and recently demonstrate that security services apparently snoop as much as they want to and spy extensively on private data. They have serious supporters in doing so – many American firms cooperate closely with the NSA, CIA and the like, leaving backdoors open in their software and services, and enabling government departments to snoop as much as they like.

So it is good when you can rely on your security solution. Every G DATA security solution is developed in Germany in accordance with the strictest data protection standards. From virus protection with no exceptions to a strong firewall, with G DATA you get reliable protection "Made in Germany" – guaranteed without backdoors!

About G DATA

Always there for you – the G DATA customer service team can be reached 24/7, and the support teams work hand in hand with G DATA SecurityLabs.

Independent tests prove that G DATA IT security solutions offer the best attack detection rates, for dealing effectively with Trojans, malware and even unknown viruses.

30 years' experience – G DATA developed the world's first antivirus software – and we continue to be pioneers of innovative IT security solutions.

Award-winning – G DATA was recognized by the IPACSO EU Research Institute as the "most innovative cyber security company" of 2014.

IT security "Made in Germany" – a committed team of IT security experts monitors new cyber threats across the world and develops solutions to proactively fight cyber crime.

Luftbild des G DATA Campus in Bochum