Firefox security alert turns out to be scareware trap

09/22/2009, Bochum (Germany) G Data warns users about fake Firefox security alerts. The fraud is carried out using a Trojan that causes any URL entered to be forwarded to primed websites. Potential victims are then lured into installing 'up-to-date antivirus software'. But rather than offering protection against real threats,...

G Data TotalCare 2010 impresses Virus Bulletin

09/22/2009, Bochum (Germany) How effective are current antivirus solutions, and how user-friendly are they? The renowned British IT security magazine Virus Bulletin considers these and other questions in its new September edition. The editorial team put G Data's leading TotalCare 2010 solution under the spotlight in an...

The money keeps pouring in: underground economy is a boom industry

09/08/2009, Bochum How does the black market work? What is traded? Who are the players and how do networks spread across the world communicate? G Data Security Labs experts looked into these and many other questions and spent several months hooked into illegal trading platforms and eCrime discussion boards. Their...

G Data: file sharing services severely contaminated with viruses

09/04/2009, Bochum G Data is warning of a current marked increase in infected files in peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing services. Since the beginning of the week, the percentage of infected files has almost tripled. According to analyses carried out by G Data Security Labs, a lot of malware is circulating in software...

The worst case scenario: malware on the company computer!

09/02/2009, Bochum How do viruses, Trojans and worms get onto business computers? What's the purpose behind malware distribution? Who develops malware and who profits from it? It's not only the standard PC user who is kept busy by these and lots more similar questions. In particular, safety experts and administrators,...


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