G Data discovers potential successor to Zeus

11/19/2010, London Research by security experts at G Data has revealed that a new Trojan called Ares is likely to spread and propagate in the next few days. Ares shares similar design characteristics to the Zeus Trojan horse, which went on to infect millions of computers worldwide, chiefly its modular design. Its...

Storm over Java

11/05/2010, London Cyber criminals have been exploiting vulnerabilities in Java to distribute malware on a larger scale than in the past months. This is the result of an analysis performed by the G Data SecurityLabs. For the first time since February 2010 there is a change at the very top of the malware Top 10: A Java...

Google should not be fined for “doing world a favour”

11/03/2010, London Today’s announcement by Christopher Graham, the UK’s Information Commissioner, that Google will not be fined or punished for breaching UK data laws in its collection of personal data via Street View cars has been warmly welcomed by Eddy Willems, Security Evangelist for antivirus pioneer G Data.


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