G Data Travel Warning: Online criminals don’t take any holidays

06/25/2012, Bochum (Germany) As more and more Brits are fleeing the country, in order to escape what has already been dubbed ‘monsoon June’, academic research shows this has virtually no consequences for our presence on the www. If anything, the Summer seems to be a good time to spend time online. Booking holidays online is...

VCW Security broadens portfolio with G Data business solutions

06/19/2012, Bochum (Germany) Today, VCW Security and G Data announce their new partnership. VCW has selected German IT security vendor G Data as the newest addition to their portfolio. VCW will be distributing all business solutions of the brand to UK resellers.

G Data MobileSecurity 2: best mobile privacy protection

06/18/2012, Bochum (Germany) Losing your smartphone or tablet PC is annoying as well as dangerous; if the device falls into the wrong hands, strangers have access to sensitive and personal data like photos or the address book. Smartphones and the like are wanted targets of thieves. In the UK over 10,000 phones are reported...

Euro 2012: Online criminals don’t need any training

06/08/2012, Bochum (Germany) The national teams have all arrived at their temporary camps in Poland and the Ukraine, and football fans all over Europe are anxiously awaiting the first matches of the tournament. G Data is expecting the first attacks to take place even before the start of the first game of the European...


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