G Data eliminates lock screen vulnerability in Android smartphones

03/29/2013, Bochum (Germany) The most important and also the most basic security function in a smartphone is the screen lock, which protects the device from unauthorised access. A vulnerability in this function has recently been discovered in the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Sony Xperia Z. A simple trick enables criminals to...

Eliminate online risks and vulnerabilities

03/25/2013, Bochum (Germany) Even though the weather could have fooled us, spring is officially here. Spring is the season of new beginnings and is therefore traditionally a time for cleaning out the basement, throwing out the old and unused and meticulously cleaning surfaces all around the house. With this year’s early Easter,...

G Data fits network security into your back pocket

03/06/2013, CeBIT, Hanover (Germany) Security is a top priority, especially in the commercial environment. However, in a time of heterogeneous and mobile networks, protecting the IT infrastructure poses ever greater challenges for companies. According to communications intelligence agency GCHQ, UK businesses lose £21 billion per year...

CeBIT premiere: G Data CloseGap – smart virus protection technology

03/05/2013, CeBIT, Hanover (Germany) After several years of development, G Data will introduce its new antivirus technology "Made in Germany" as a world premiere at CeBIT 2013: G Data CloseGap – Active Hybrid Protection that fends off malware and online attacks. G Data CloseGap is more than just AV technology and breaks new ground...

Android malware becoming an epidemic

03/04/2013, Bochum (Germany) Owners of smartphones and tablet PCs with an Android operating system are being increasingly targeted by malware authors – as shown in the current G Data Malware Report. Analyses of the second half of 2012 show that the number of new malware programs for the smart operating system has increased...


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