Announcement of 22. October 2018

Best protection for private users - G DATA presents new version of its award-winning security solution

G DATA Generation 2019 makes it even easier to provide comprehensive protection for digital devices using next generation technologies.

The increasing number of cyber attacks using extortion Trojans, phishing emails and illegal cryptomining shows how important it is to secure digital devices. The new G DATA Generation 2019 ensures that private users of Windows computers can play games, surf and shop online with no worries. New technologies also provide protection against Bitcoin theft and new banking Trojans. G DATA Antivirus, G DATA Internet Security and G DATA Total Security are available now from specialist retailers and in the Web Shop.

More security through proactive, next generation technologies

“Ever larger parts of our lives are being digitised. But, unfortunately, the increase in ease of use is accompanied by an increase in risk for users,” says Tim Berghoff, Security Evangelist at G DATA Software AG. “Every minute we discover around nine new malware strains that try to copy or encrypt data or make money.” The problem here is that it’s not so easy to distinguish harmless from harmful software, presenting G DATA with new challenges. Signature-based defence is no longer adequate for the fast pace of the Internet. Proactive next generation technologies that can even provide protection against still unknown threats are therefore essential.

Malware authors regularly try to nullify the protection of antivirus software by deploying new technologies. The threat from fileless malware especially has increased in recent years. To counter this, G DATA has implemented an improvement in protection effectiveness, in the form of the Anti Malware Scanning Interface (AMSI). This technology analyses the commands generated dynamically by scripts and so can stop threats.

Improved performance

Increased IT security and improved performance thanks to more efficient technology - that is the secret behind G DATA Generation 2019. The number of user queries has been reduced and replaced by automated decision-making. Furthermore, malware in the web browser is detected more effectively by improved browser plug-ins. Here, G DATA deliberately relies on a comparison of the URLs detected in the browser with its own file cloud. This prevents the manipulation of encrypted data traffic.

Simplified licence management

G DATA customers are kept fully informed at all times. The new user interface in the My G DATA customer portal offers significantly simplified licence management. G DATA customers can find everything they need at a glance, intuitively and easily, whether it be for licence extensions, questions concerning G DATA or contacting G DATA customer service.

Support from Bochum

G DATA customer service in Bochum can be reached at any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To make contact more flexible and easier for users, G DATA has integrated a helpful new function called Remote Support directly into its Generation 2019 security solutions. Users can generate a service query via the software environment. G DATA’s free customer service will get back as quickly as possible to find a solution together with the customer. If necessary, users can share the screen so the G DATA service personnel can get a better insight.


G DATA guarantee: My data remains in Europe

As a German IT security provider, G DATA applies the highest security standards and guarantees its customers that all data remains exclusively in Europe and is protected from access by third parties. Furthermore, G DATA security solutions do not contain any backdoors for intelligence services or other authorities - for comprehensive, effective protection against online threats.

Protection against Bitcoin theft

G DATA protects customers against the theft of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Our own BankGuard technology has been redeveloped so that it can also secure Bitcoin and Ethereum wallets.

Free update for G DATA customers

G DATA customers with a valid licence can upgrade to the new Generation 2019 for free and download the latest version from the German provider's website.

G DATA Generation 2019: Comprehensive security for the Internet

G DATA Total Security 2019

G DATA Total Security is made for those who want everything - the best protection on the Internet combined with maximum ease of use.

Versions and prices:

G DATA Total Security for 1 PC: recommended retail price 44.95 USD

G DATA Total Security for 3 PCs: recommended retail price 54.95 USD

G DATA Internet Security 2019

G DATA Internet Security combines the most powerful antivirus technologies in a single solution. For the best protection on the Internet - without compromise.

Versions and prices:

G DATA Internet Security for 1 PC: recommended retail price 39.95 USD

G DATA Internet Security for 3 PCs: recommended retail price 49.95 USD

G DATA Antivirus 2019

G DATA Antivirus works inconspicuously in the background for customers’ security and provides the best protection when gaming, surfing or shopping - without slowing the device down.

Versions and prices:

G DATA Antivirus for 1 PC: recommended retail price 29.95 USD
G DATA Antivirus for 3 PCs: recommended retail price 39.95 USD

Key features of G DATA Generation 2019

  • Protection against extortion Trojans and other cyber criminals.
  • Full PC performance with the highest level of security
  • Antivirus with award-winning Doublescan technology
  • Hourly virus signature updates for maximum protection
  • Multiple award-winning protection against viruses and other malware
  • BankGuard for secure online banking and shopping
  • USB sticks and external hard drives are automatically scanned
  • Exploit Protection to counter security holes in software
  • Powerful firewall blocks hacker attacks (G DATA Internet Security and Total Security)
  • Protection for Bitcoin wallets
  • Parental controls for age-appropriate PC use (G DATA Internet Security and Total Security)
  • AntiSpam filters out unwanted advertising emails
  • Phishing protection via email monitoring
  • Automatic data backup to local or external data media (G DATA Total Security)
  • Password Manager for secure access data (G DATA Total Security)
  • Access Control blocks unauthorised devices (G DATA Total Security)

System requirements

PC with Windows 10/8.x/7 with at least 2 GB RAM (32 and 64 bit)


Announcement of 22. October 2018

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