Announcement of 14. November 2017

„My data remains in Europe.“

The ban of foreign software in the USA and Russia have rekindled discussions about the activities of FSB/KGB and the NSA and about back doors in security software. The German-based IT security expert demonstrates his independence in ist latest campaign.

Trust between vendors and customers is a highly valuable good. This is especially true on today’s IT security landscape. As a German company, G DATA is bound to follow strict German privacy legislation. The claim “My data remains in Europe“ goes beyond this. With the ongoing discussions about the activities of Russian intelligence agencies in the USA as well as the NSA’s actions in Europe, it has even more significance.

Spy vs. Spy: entanglement makes people wary

Not long ago the USA decided that federal agencies are not to use security solutions that are made in Russia. Authorities suspected that Russian intelligence might be able to use those to gain access to their systems. This decision has not only made businesses rethink their strategy but also home users. However, not only Russian IT security vendors are now forced to undergo increased scrutiny in terms of privacy and data protection. The same is true for American solutions. Unlike in Germany, companies have no legal basis that would allow them to refuse influence by the state. They are obliged by law to cooperate extensively with intelligence agencies such as the NSA. Companies, which refuse to do so, are in danger of being put out of business, as the example of Lavabit shows. 

Back doors? No, thanks!

G DATA has signed TeleTrust’s „No Backdoor“ pledge as early as 2011. The company thereby commits to not including any security flaws for use by intelligence agencies as well as not handing out or redirecting any data. 

My data remains in Europe - guaranteed!

Germany has very strict data protection laws and G DATA guarantees to abide by these laws. Those laws are further strengthened by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will be legally binding for all businesses operating in Europe as of May 25, 2018. At its core, the GDPR states that the collection of personally identifiable information (PII) has to be reduced. G DATA is already meeting those requirements. Any PII that is stored, such as first and last name as well as telemetry data such as malware detections on a customer’s computer, has been reduced to the required minimum. This guarantees a maximum of protection for the privacy of all G DATA customers.
G DATA furthermore guarantees that any customer data is exclusively processed and stored in Europe. A survey conducted by G DATA among SMEs shows that 90 per cent of businesses find it either “important” or “very important” that data be stored in Europe. 

G DATA Software AG is based in Bochum, Germany. The city is one of the European hot spots for cyber security. The world’s first antivirus software was developed here, which is why G DATA is said to be the inventor of Antivirus software. Today, over 500 employees make sure that businesses and home users are safe in the digital world. What’s unique is that research and development are exclusively done in Germany. Service and Support are also located in Bochum – practically next door to the developers. 
The result: excellent customer reviews. 


Announcement of 14. November 2017


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