30. May 2017

Preventing expensive network outages

G DATA Network Monitoring enables monitoring of IT systems

IT outages are both annoying and costly. For companies, they can quickly incur high costs if, for example, a web shop is no longer available. However, it is possible to prevent this ahead of time. With G DATA Network Monitoring, administrators have an over-view of the entire IT infrastructure and can respond to any costly disruptions early in the process. This powerful tool is available as an add-on module for all business solutions from the German manufacturer G DATA.

IT security and network monitoring - all in one

Are there any shortages in storage space or computing performance? What is the status of the printers in the company network? With G DATA Net-work Monitoring, administrators have a reliable overview of their IT infra-structure. IT managers can use the tool to define their own metrics and val-ues for monitoring the devices on the network. The clearly laid-out dash-board uses a traffic light system for this. It enables timely intervention be-fore unexpected outages or damage to business processes occur in the company, saving time and money.

Combined with a G DATA business solution, IT managers can simultane-ously guarantee the functionality of their infrastructure as well as its secu-rity – and they can do so without having to buy additional software.

G DATA Network Monitoring is available as an add-on for the German IT security manufacturer’s business solutions - Antivirus Business, Client Se-curity Business, Endpoint Protection Business, Managed Endpoint Security and Managed Endpoint Security powered by Microsoft Azure.