Announcement of 29. August 2016

Play it safe in public Wifi

VPN protective function available immediately in G DATA Mobile Internet Security.

According to a G DATA survey, 69 percent of people use a public Wifi in cafés or hotels on a journey. Be online everywhere – this also harbours risks. It is relatively easy for criminals to read emails or spy on important data such as credit card information or passwords in such networks. In order to protect the digital privacy of users, a VPN function has been integrated into G DATA Mobile Internet Security for the Android operating system. A virtual private network (VPN) protects sensitive data from being stolen by unauthorised individuals, especially in public networks. Customers who already use G DATA Mobile Internet Security on their smartphone or tablet can optionally add the VPN module.

“A public or third-party network poses an increased risk of data espionage or manipulation of data traffic. Without protection by a VPN, there is a real possibility of access data or bank data being spied on. Use of VPN technology that protects all data traffic and the digital privacy of users is recommended in such situations.”

Christian Geschkat, product manager of mobile solutions at G DATA

How G DATA VPN works

The VPN module in G DATA Mobile Internet Security encrypts all Internet traffic, whether in a Wifi or wireless network, worldwide. The virtual private network builds a type of tunnel and not only protects the user's digital identity but also makes the smartphone or tablet invisible to data thieves. Personal data is shielded by high security servers and protected against hacking.

With the integrated function in G DATA Mobile Internet Security, users no longer need another solution to protect themselves in public networks. If required, the integrated VPN module is easily switched on via a widget when users surf the Internet, check email or carry out financial transactions with their smartphones or tablets.

Price and availability

Customers who already have G DATA Mobile Internet Security on their smartphone or tablet can optionally purchase the VPN module for EUR 2.99/ USD 2.99/ GBP 2.39 per month or EUR 29.99/ USD 29.99/ GBP 23.99 per year. The VPN feature is initially being brought out for Android and will then be available for iOS as well.


Announcement of 29. August 2016


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