Announcement of 16. August 2016

G DATA Password Manager brings order to the password jungle

G DATA Total Protection with the new Password Manager provides more security on the Internet.

Everything has a password – email accounts, social media accounts, smartphones, ATMs, online shops. This stresses a lot of people. According to a survey by digital association Bitkom, 36 percent of Germans feel overwhelmed by the number of passwords. A password manager helps to organise the numerous passwords and, at the same time, provides more security. An easy-to-use Password Manager has been integrated into G DATA Total Protection. The function encrypts sensitive data such as user names and passwords in a database on the hard drive.

The new G DATA Password Manager remembers passwords for online shops, forums and email accounts. The easy-to-use Password Manager appears as an icon in the browser on installation and, if required, stores every password for websites used for accessing encrypted accounts. The data is encrypted and stored on the hard disk. Only the user can access this data using a master password. The module marks an end to crib sheets or unsecure passwords.

G DATA security expert Tim Berghoff weighs up the pros and cons of passwords in his blog entry and gives four tips for securing accounts. He especially advises against using the same password for multiple accounts: “The reason for this is simple. If the password used for securing your email account or social networks is stolen, an attacker has access to your online identity. This is like losing a skeleton key.”

G DATA security tips

  • Check websites such as or to see whether your email address or user name appears in search results. If there is a search result, don’t panic. It does not necessarily mean that someone has misused your user accounts. Nevertheless, change the password in question immediately or delete the relevant account if it is no longer used.
  • Install a password manager. The principle is extremely simple: you generate a password that is strong and complex enough to meet all the requirements but that does not need to be memorised – the program does that. G DATA has a Password Manager in the new version of Total Protection. After installation, it appears as an icon in the browser and takes note of every password used on websites where you access password-protected accounts.
  • Create an overview and, if necessary, change passwords. To start creating an overview, it can be helpful to write all the accounts down together with the passwords. Ideally, do this not on the PC but on a sheet of paper. If it becomes clear that the same password is being used for multiple user accounts, change it. However, changing the password does not mean adding a consecutive number such as Password1, Password2, etc. Think of a new one or generate one using your password manager.
  • Apply 2-factor authentication where possible. The appropriate options may be called “2-stage login”, “Login confirmation” or similar. Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Google, PayPal and several other major service providers offer this option. 


Announcement of 16. August 2016


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