Announcement of 09. August 2016

New ransomware threatens Android devices

G DATA publishes Mobile Malware Report for the first half of 2016.

Ransomware is a growing threat for Android users. G DATA security experts predicted a further increase in Android malware back in 2015. However, current attack campaigns have hit a new level of quality. Until now, malicious apps got on a mobile device because users had installed an app - generally from unsecure sources. Cyber criminals have now found a way of smuggling ransomware and other malware onto devices without any interaction by the user. Visiting a manipulated website is all it takes. When doing so, a drive-by infection takes place which installs malware onto the mobile device. The experts explain the new infection method in the current G DATA Mobile Malware Report. The white paper is available online.

Smartphones and tablets are very popular with cyber criminals and the attacks have increased significantly in quality this year. Users need to ensure that their mobile device enjoys comprehensive protection and keep the operating system permanently up to date. This ensures that the majority of threats are prevented to a certain degree.

Christian Geschkat, product manager for mobile solutions at G DATA

How do drive-by infections work?

Online criminals hack web servers and set up specially primed websites. They then lure users to these sites via spam emails or advertising. That way malware gets onto the system unseen, exploiting security holes in the Android operating system.

9,468 new Android malware instances every day

1,723,265 new Android malware apps in the first half of 2016 represent an increase of more than 30 percent over the second half of 2015. On average, the G DATA experts detected 9,468 new malware apps for the Android operating system on a daily basis. This means that a new malware strain was reported every 9 seconds. The analysts have already identified more malware apps in the first half of the year than in the entire year of 2014.


The G DATA Mobile Malware Report H1/2016 is available online.



Announcement of 09. August 2016

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