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How to update G DATA for Windows

This article will guide you through the different update options of G DATA Antivirus, Internet Security or Total Protection on your PC.

There are two different update options for your software: Virus signature updates and Program updates.

Virus signature updates ensure that your computer stays protected against the most recent threats.
By default, these updates are done automatically and hourly, however it is also possible to trigger an update manually.

Program updates are available occasionally and their purpose is to introduce new features to your software
or to improve the existing ones. They are recommended but not mandatory.

The latest program version currently is:

To check the program version open your G DATA software. On the main screen called SecurityCenter, the program version (or "software version") will be displayed on the bottom left hand side.

This article will explain first how to start a manual virus signature update, then how to perform a program update.

A. How to start a virus signature update manually

Step 1. Open your G DATA software.

Step 2. The upper right part of the screen shows you the current status of your virus signatures.

You can see the last time they have been updated, as well as the next time an automatic update will occur.

In order to trigger a manual update, click the small button in the form of a pair of rotating arrows at the upper right corner of the virus signatures panel, as pictured below.

Step 3. The virus signatures will now be updated.

Step 4. Once the update has been successfully completed, Close the window.

B. How to perform a Program Update. 

Before you start a program update, it is advised to close all your other applications!

Step 1.
When a new program update is available, you will be informed by a message at the bottom right hand side of your SecurityCenter.

Step 2. To start the update, click on the text “Program update available”.

Step 3. Confirm your choice by clicking Yes.

Step 4. The update will first be downloaded.

Step 5. Once the download is complete, you will be asked to install it. This will temporary shut your software down. Click OK.

Step 6. At this point you may get a warning from Windows telling you that your antivirus is disabled, you can ignore this message as it will be enabled back in a couple of seconds.

Step 7. The update will then be installed.

Step 8. Once it is complete, you will be asked to restart your computer. Click “Yes, restart computer now”.

Step 9. You now have the latest software version of G DATA.

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