How to download your G DATA product

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This article will help you to download the G DATA product you have purchased.

There are two different ways to download your G DATA product.

A. The first option you have is to download a trial version of the product, which you can upgrade into a full version at the end of the installation process.

A list of all the trial versions can be found at the following addresses:

For the United Kingdom click here

For the Global Website click here

B. The second option is to access your G DATA UpgradeCenter. This requires you to already have a User Name and Password.

Step 1.
Open the UpgradeCenter via one of the following links:

For the United Kingdom click here 

For the Global Website click here

Step 2. Log in with the User Name and Password of your G DATA license.

If you have lost your credentials, click here to recover them.

Step 3. You will see the download link of your G DATA product under "Download installation file:" on the top left hand of the screen.

Click on it to start the download process.


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