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How to change locally the ManagementServer or subnet server assigned to a Security Client

This article will help you to change the server to contact by a Security Client after it has already been installed.

In order to allow a Security Client to connect to a different ManagementServer or subnet server than the one it was originally assigned to, you will have to change a couple of registry values on the client side.

If you wish to do it on a large amount of clients, it is recommended to deploy the change via Active Directory Group Policy Object (GPO).

The following document gives you an overview of this process:

G DATA Update ServerKey via GPO


To make the change locally on any particular client proceed as follows:

Step 1. On the client side, open the Registry Editor of Windows.

Press the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R. This will open a Run prompt.


Step 2. Enter “regedit” and click OK.

Step 3. Navigate to the following key:


If the system is 32bit, you’ll have to go to the following key instead:


Step 4. Find the value Server and change its data to the new ManagementServer name.

Alternatively, you can also change it to the ManagementServer’s IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

To change the value right click on it and choose Modify…

Step 5.(Optional) If you wish to change the name of the subnet server or secondary server assigned to the Security Client, you can edit the data of the values SecondaryServer and SubnetServer as well. 

If not, we recommend to delete these two values.

In both cases you will also need to realize the following operations:


Step 5.1. Right click on the key AVKClient in the tree on the left hand side, then choose New> Key.

Step 5.2. Name the new key “Neuralyzer”.

Step 5.3. Right click on the key Neuralyzer then choose New > Key.

Step 5.4. Name the new key “1”.

Step 5.5.  Right click on the key 1 then choose New > DWORD (32-bit) Value.

Step 5.6. Name the new value “ConfData”.

Step 5.7. Right click on ConfData and choose Modify…

Step 5.8. Under Value data enter “3” and click OK.

Step 6. Close the Registry Editor.


Step 7. Restart the service G DATA Security Client or simply reboot the computer.


To manually restart the service of the Security Client, proceed as follows:

Step 7.1 Open a Run prompt by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + R.

Step 7.2 Enter “services.msc” and click OK.

Step 7.3 This will open the Service overview of Windows. Locate the service called G DATA Security Client.

Right click on it and choose Restart.

Step 8. The client will now connect to the new server.

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