Powerful Defense against Cyberthreats

VfLBochum1848: Bundesliga Soccer Team


  • Industry: Sports club
  • Country: Germany
  • Size: 100 clients
  • Network: Multiple locations, including mobile devices


  • Replacing the old security solution
  • More flexible protection and central administration
  • Updates and scans in the background without disturbing the users

Our Solution

  • Endpoint Protection Business including Patch Management and Premium Support


  • Excellent malware detection
  • Efficiently secured network
  • Up-to-date patches for all relevant applications
  • Customized configuration options
  • Excellent premium support with shortened reaction time

Accurately analyzing the opposing team and its tactics is part of VfL Bochum’s everyday training. Because bad surprises are something the team from the heart of Germany’s Ruhr region wants to avoid at all costs. But they don’t just need a skilled defense on the field; the legendary club needs it in its IT network too.

The success story for the soccer department of the VfL (German abbreviation for Associationfor Physical Exercise) began as far back at 1949, when it became an independent part of VfL Bochum 1848. Today, the Club has over 9,000 members. Among its prominent fans are the musician Herbert Grönemeyer, who is also a member of the Club, the politician Wolfgang Clement, and the actor Armin Rohde.

But the Club’s great commitment isn’t just down to its many spirited athletes and fans; it’s also realized by its IT structure, which links everything together, from Club member administration to ticket sales to the fan shop. Today, to protect sensitive Club data from unauthorized access, VfL Bochum 1848 relies on the G DATA Endpoint Protection Business solution. “When our old licence expired we were looking for a new solution with improved virus protection,” says Billy Grömmer, IT/Administration at VfL Bochum 1848. That’s when we found that with Endpoint Business including Patch Management and Premium Support, had just become an all-in-one security solution. Because it’s only when the individual modules interlock like cogs in a machine that you can guarantee complete and seamless protection. In addition to its comprehensive malware protection, G DATA also impressed the Club with its device control, application control and behavior blocking, which reliably protects against even unknown threats.

The security solution’s requirements were clear. It has to flexibly protect and be adjustable in different ways for the individual areas of the Club’s IT infrastructure. For an optimal workflow, for example, the security settings for member management, need to differ from those of the fan shop.

The solution also had to be managed centrally. “It was also important to us that scans and updates run in the background so the users don’t feel disturbed”, says the IT administrator. After a trial run, where not only the software’s effectiveness was tested but also its ease of administration, it became immediately apparent. G DATA EndpointProtection Business met all the requirements to the letter and the solution was implemented at VfL Bochum 1848.

It was important to us that colleagues at the workstations not be disturbed or even interrupted by messages and updates while they worked, and with the implementation of the G DATA software, mission accomplished.

Billy Grömmer, IT/Administration at VfL Bochum 1848

Comprehensive protectionagainst threats

Since then, ten servers and 100 clients from accounting, ticket sales, and even the fan shop have been equipped with the security solution. With 100 licenses, the Club’s entire IT infrastructure is covered, including even mobile devices . “Up to 70% of our devices are in the stadium, and up to 30% outside, for instance at an away game in another stadium. So flexibility is more than important,” says Grömmer.

Continuously updated virus and exploit protection ensures that threats are quickly detected and neutralized. Emails are also checked for dangerous content. The firewall included in the security solution also shields the network and devices from threats. Thanks to the device control and a behavior monitoring, computers are protected against threats, especially externally from the Internet.

Premium Support from the region scores

G DATA’s Premium Support provides VfL Bochum 1848 with added security. With it, the Club benefits from shortened reaction times, and more. G DATA experts are also at the ready for the Club as personal contacts. “It’s very important to us that the support comes from the region and can help us with any problems quickly and with no red tape”, says Grömmer. With G DATA, that’s never a worry, since the security company’s German-speaking support is also located in the company headquarters in Bochum. “It’s reassuring to know”, says Grömmer.

So far, however, the Club has had no need of this support. The IT security solution is working reliably and there have been no more virus attacks since it was installed. Thanks to the clear structure of the admin interface, Grömmer and his colleagues can also keep an eye on the network’s entire security infrastructure.


Clarity improves workflow

“With G DATA, we’ve gained an important partner for our IT security,” says Grömmer, adding, “the security solution protects us against attacks, Trojan horses and every kind of virus.” This is why VfL Bochum 1848 also employs G DATA’s Patch Management. It automatically keeps the security-relevant updates to other software up-to-date, which can then be rolled out in the background after an on-site test run. “It was important to us that colleagues at the workstations not be disturbed or even interrupted by messages and updates while they worked, and with the implementation of the G DATA software, mission accomplished”, says Grömmer. The Club’s IT administrator particularly likes it that messages, alerts, and statistics are clearly visible in the admin interface and that everything can be adjusted according to VfL’s needs. “Both the configuration and the operation of the software work quickly, intuitively, and easily.“

The G DATA solution, VfL Bochum 1848 is also well protected against future IT security threats. As soccer mavens, the experts at VfL know one thing for sure: A good defense takes a strong team, both on the field and in the IT network.