Healthy security is critical

IT Security for a hospital


  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Country: Germany, Winnenden
  • Size: 670 licenses, 375 clients currently
  • Network: Windows server, Desktop PCs, and laptops


  • Central administration capability
  • Resource-efficient protection of the entire diverse IT hospital network
  • Blocking undesired USB devices

Our Solution

  • Excellent software at an affordable price
  • Clear and easy-to-use management console
  • CloseGap security technology, Exchange Mail Security, and Device Control


  • German provider and faster contact in emergencies
  • Excellent network performance
  • Reduced administrative overhead
  • Protection of sensitive data

Klinikum Schloß Winnenden is a hospital dedicated to the treatment and care of psychiatric, psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic patients. The digital transformation is now making inroads even into medical facilities, so a comprehensive and modern security solution is becoming highly advisable. That’s why today at the Klinikum Schloß Winnenden, G DATA Endpoint Protection Business is providing targeted protection and its Premium Service & Support solutions-oriented help with direct phone contacts.

The Klinikum Schloß Winnenden treats people suffering from mental illnesses. The hospital employs roughly 1,000 people who work in specialized sub-sections such as addiction therapy, psychiatry or psychosomatics. The facility holds 590 beds for people who make use of its services.

When it comes to IT communications, both patients and hospital staff alike need to be secure. The challenge was to find an IT security producer who could provide an easy all-in-one solution package at an affordable price. What were the critical interfaces that especially needed protection? This was also the question IT employee Mr. Fabian Hilgert needed to answer, as the person in charge of the smooth running of the digital communications structure at the Klinikum Schloß Winnenden. “It starts from WiFi security, to network security to application control, and ultimately to device control”, says Hilgert. Even incoming emails need to be checked to keep the computers safe from infection. That’s why the medical facility also relies on G DATA Exchange Mail Security.

Diverse environment

There were 375 clients and servers that needed to be protected by one security solution. On demand was that the software be able to cover all the extremely diverse operating systems. “We use Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2010 R2, and this year we’ll be adding Windows Server 2016,” says Mr. Hilgert. It was also critical that IT “be able to block USB devices on any device, especially on PCs and laptops, and unblock them using whitelisting”, and that there would be regular updating.

G DATA is a German provider, their CloseGap technology is efficient, the management console is clear and intuitive to use, and in my view the software is also highly performance preserving. In the server area, that alone is a decisive criterion.

Fabian Hilgert, IT employee

Sought and found

The hospital’s IT department did a web search of security providers and after a direct comparison chose G DATA’s Endpoint Protection Business. “Our decision was also based on positive test reports”, says Hilgert. It was also important for them that the producer of the IT security solutions come from Germany so they could be sure of rapid support in the event of an emergency. The security solution from G DATA has been in use at the hospital for four years now. The benefits are quite obvious, says Mr. Hilgert. “G DATA is a German provider, their CloseGap technology is efficient, the management console is clear and intuitive to use, and in my view the software is also highly performance preserving. In the server area, that alone is a decisive criterion.” They were also impressed with the Premium Support from G DATA. “Recently we had a huge error with our software distribution program, which was blocked by G DATA. Their Premium Support immediately addressed the issue and the error was corrected. They also explained the causes of the error message to me, so we were then able to take preventive measures.”

In addition to all the benefits, Mr. Hilgert feels that the successes with the G DATA Endpoint Protection Business deserve pointing out too. “The USB port block works very well. With it, we can be sure that unauthorized devices are blocked. This was extremely important to us for avoiding theft or for keeping viruses out.” The staff was also educated on potentially dangerous websites. By using a protocol we are now able to very quickly identify who caused which virus messages. “In such a case, we receive a message in the system, contact the respective user and point out to them that the website or programs are unsafe or that viruses had been detected. This approach has led to a happy decline in the instances of undesired websites,” says Mr. Hilgert.