This is how the 17.000 products arrive safely

IT security for a trading and service company in the food industry


  • Branch: Food company
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Size: 100 servers and several 100 clients
  • Network: Server, Macs, Desktop-PCs and Notebooks


  • Protection of the sensitive infrastructure
    against espionage and viruses
  • Direct contact persons
  • Central administration

Our Solution

  • G DATA Client Security Business
  • Best malware detection rates
  • Cost-effective security software


  • Better protection against malware
  • Comprehensive support and direct contact persons
  • Good network performance and high flexibility
  • G DATA Layered Security

Pistor AG, based in Rothenburg near Lucerne, can look back on more than a hundred years of company history. The food specialist is successful with a wide range of products and superb logistics. One of the most important foundations for this success is reliable and secure IT.

It was farsighted Swiss bakers who founded the Pistor cooperative in 1916 to benefit from the advantages of joint purchasing. Today, Pistor AG has around 530 employees and is the leading trading company in Switzerland for the baker & confectioner sector, as well as the only independent wholesaler in the gastronomy sector. Customers benefit from a broad and specialised product range for bakeries, kitchens, cafés, restaurants and care sectors.

Throughout Switzerland, Pistor brings everything to where the professionals need it for their work. The basic idea was: customers should concentrate on their craft and delegate everything else. Today, customers make all their purchases with one order, one delivery and one invoice. Purchases are made quickly via the online shop, by telephone or through personal consultation.

Pistor is successful not only because of its comprehensive product range, but also because of the reliable delivery to its customers. Today, this can only be mastered with a modern warehouse management system. Every day, goods are stored and retrieved in Rothenburg and delivered to the customers. This is done by rail and with our own trucks. In addition, three electric trucks are in use.

IT expects reliability

To ensure that everything runs perfectly for the service provider, a reliable, trouble-free IT system is also necessary. In times of virtual corporate espionage and cybercrime, it is therefore essential that all of the approximately 100 servers and several 100 Windows PCs are perfectly protected against attackers, viruses and malware. Here, Pistor AG was increasingly dissatisfied with a previous provider: "With each update, new problems arose. The services offered were also disappointing.

After extensive testing, Pistor AG therefore decided to switch to G DATA. The solutions on the one hand and the good support on the other were convincing: "When we approach the company with questions or problems, there is always a quick reaction", explains Alexander Wiget, Deputy Head of Systems & Support. "For us, G DATA is a partner at eye level. We always feel that we are taken seriously, which is particularly evident in the fact that we are always looked after by a direct contact person," explains Wiget, who, together with the entire Pistor IT team, is responsible for the secure and smooth operation of IT. Wiget is particularly pleased that the company has access to G DATA support based in Switzerland, which of course speaks Swiss German. According to Alexander Wiget, the pricing and flexible handling of the individual licenses are also "absolutely fair".

For us, G DATA is a partner at eye level. We always feel that we are taken seriously, which is particularly evident in the fact that we are always looked after by a direct contact person.

Alexander Wiget, Deputy Head of Systems & Support, Pistor AG

Multi-layer security model

The core product used by G DATA is Client Security Business. This solution takes into account all risk aspects that can threaten IT today. G DATA meets this challenge with a multi-layered model: "Layered Security" protects the IT infrastructure of Pistor AG against viruses, espionage attacks and other dangers. In addition to signature-based protection functions, the security solution also includes proactive technologies that detect and eliminate even the latest malware. Because the use of the solution has never disappointed before, Pistor AG extended the G DATA protection beyond the Windows landscape: Even the rather small number of Mac and Linux computers used is now perfectly protected. G DATA Client Security Business simplifies the administration of all components in the network.

Education is indispensable

In addition, Pistor AG also focuses on prevention: every new employee has to familiarise himself with the IT guidelines and is informed about possible dangers. Today, this also includes information on Ransomware. "We try to draw the attention of even the less IT-savvy employees to such dangers. This strategy is proving to be the right one, because it minimizes risks. "Our core goal, however, is to ward off as many threats as possible before they reach the client," explains Alexander Wiget.

In view of the convincing technology and the reliable, partnership-based cooperation, Pistor AG will continue to rely on cooperation with G DATA in the future. Just as Pistor relieves its customers of the burden of purchasing locally, G DATA ensures that Pistor AG can successfully concentrate on its business and IT security is left to the professionals.

The Pistor group of companies provides products and services for the food processing industries in Switzerland and offers competent support in the areas of bakery, gastronomy and care. The main focus is on supplying the baker-confectioner-confectioner trade and the catering trade with goods at all temperature levels. Whether unchilled, refrigerated or deep-frozen, everything is supplied from a single source - from A for apricot to Z for zucchini. Pistor has been a cooperative holding company since 2002. Since then, Pistor AG has operated as an operating company on the same level as the other two subsidiaries, Proback AG and Fairtrade SA. All three companies are wholly owned by the Pistor Holding cooperative.