Policy Manager for Global Compliance

G DATA ensures global compliance with company policies, anywhere in the world.


  • Industry: Mechanical engineering
  • Country: Germany, Eislingen (head office) with branches abroad 
  • Scope: > 1,000 employees worldwide
  • Network: Windows desktop computers and notebooks


  • Comprehensive protection of all clients in the company worldwide
  • Compliance with the company policies
  • Zero-day attacks impede smooth business operations
  • Short response time in case of emergency and fast deployment of updates

The Solution

  • Comprehensive IT security solution: G DATA Endpoint Protection with Web Filter and Policy Management
  • Individual assistance by G DATA Premium Support


  • Complete IT protection against cyberattacks
  • Uniform implementation of company policies with worldwide validity
  • Fast help and problem resolution by trained G DATA service personnel

As part of the global FFG Group, mechanical engineering companies like MAG IAS GmbH are long since represented everywhere in the world – whether in Europe, Asia, or North America. Accordingly the specialists employed by them not only work in Europe. Physical separation from company head quarters in Eislingen notwithstanding, IT security compliance policies have to work internationally on a notebook or even a smartphone. G DATA has successfully embraced this challenge.


Mechanical engineering with German-made quality is extremely well positioned worldwide thanks to ongoing technological innovations and high quality standards. This is also true for MAG IAS GmbH. The company based in Eislingen was founded in 2005. It produces machine tools and does contract work in machining and turning for turnkey production systems. MAG is represented globally with more than 1,000 employees working in the U.S., China, India, Hungary, and Switzerland, just to name a few of its locations.

MAG as an international company has employees worldwide. Not only does this make the equipment more heterogeneous, it also increases the complexity of administration. A broad-based individual IT security solution is needed since notebooks are used worldwide and operated outside Germany’s borders. Axel Weiler was aware of this challenge. As Senior Manager IT Infrastructure at MAG IAS GmbH, finding a solution was his job at the end of 2017.

“The flexibility we need in our operation was simply not given by the old antivirus solution,” Weiler says. “Central control of the clients was practically impossible.” The consequence: “zero-days”. Weiler explains that attempts were made to contact the antivirus provider, so as to install updates as quickly as possible, but that took a very long time. MAG’s IT service provider, which is responsible for the maintenance and administration of the entire IT infrastructure, expended a great deal of effort to correct the problem. The IT infrastructure expert recalls that communication escalated to the top management level.

The web filter was one of the key reasons in favor of G DATA. With the web filter, we are now able to load and store the policies predefined at head‑quarters on the notebooks offline, thereby fully enforcing them globally.

Axel Weiler, Senior Manager IT Infrastructure

Time for a Change

After two incidents and other problems in the areas of performance and customer support, Weiler and his superiors started to look for a new IT solution provider. “We were no longer happy with the existing antivirus solution. We had simply lost our confidence in them”, Weiler says. The search focused explicitly on German IT solutions, and the two competitors in the market were compared. This led to the decision to use the IT security solution from G DATA going forward. Migration strategies were developed here in cooperation with Premium Support. Nearly 2,000 software licenses had to be migrated in a period of six to nine months. More specifically, G DATA Endpoint Protection was chosen in conjunction with the Policy Manager module as the solution.

“The web filter was one of the key reasons in favor of G DATA,” the IT Infrastructure Manager says. MAG prepared a company policy that restricts access to certain websites. For example, employees can be prevented from visiting websites that have nothing to do with their current tasks, or that are illegal or inappropriate. The IT administrator can also block predefined website categories. Each category consists of a list of URLs that can be blacklisted and blocked.

This approach was especially important to Weiler because the internationally distributed notebooks are active worldwide and not in the IT administrator’s immediate reach. “We have established central web filter protection here at MAG. But that has no effect when our employees take their notebook outside the organization,” Weiler explains. Previously MAG service technicians could access any website they chose – whether at a construction site in China or in Germany. Consequently there was a risk of employees ending up on a website with malware. “With the web filter, we are now able to load and store the policies predefined at headquarters on the notebooks offline, thereby fully enforcing them globally.”


A Smooth Conversion

Completing the rollout in various countries within an established time frame was a major challenge. “The migration to the G DATA IT security solution was smooth, and it went extremely well”, Weiler recalls. G DATA operated very professionally.

Premium Support also responded incredibly quickly. “When we had a problem in the area of peer-to-peer, the G DATA service team helped us immediately with no complications. The fast deployment of updates is excellent as well. We are therefore entirely happy and very satisfied with our G DATA solution, and are considering protecting our Android mobile devices with G DATA in the future as well”, Weiler says.