High-end Security and Service

IT security for mid-size companies


  • Industry: Electronics industry
  • Countries: Germany (company headquarters) and Tunisia
  • Size: 350 clients
  • Network structure: Multiple


  • Replacing the old security solution with no loss in productivity
  • Protecting complex network against infection
  • Enabling central management for the entire network

Our solution

  • Excellent malware detection
  • Limiting application and device usage
  • Increasing the USB security


  • Better protection against malware
  • Efficiently secured network
  • Excellent premium support
  • Lower costs thanks to more competitive pricing

Ever since 1955, Kaschke Components GmbH has been an innovative and strong partner for the development and production of ferrites and inductors. The security of its complex IT systems plays an important role in the family business.

Over 60 years ago in Göttingen, Germany, Kurt Kaschke founded his company for the production of soft magnetic iron cores. Since then, the onetime little family business has employed nearly 2,000 employees in locations in Germany and Tunisia.

The products are currently developed at the company’s headquarters in Göttingen, and manufactured at production facilities in Tunisia and the town of Küllstedt in Thuringia, Germany.

Its customer base is very broad, ranging from the automotive industry to medical technology to industrial electronics. Accordingly, its range of services is diverse, from producing miniature chokes for medical technology to high-performance chokes for components in the field of contactless high-energy transmission up to 240 kW.

In addition to precision in manufacturing and reliability in order processing, security plays a key role in Kaschke Components’ operational procedures. And the same clearly goes for IT too. Since it was no longer able to meet increasingly high demands, the existing security solution needed to be replaced. The challenge here was to standardize the security management and to optimize a central management from the headquarters in Göttingen for the branches.

The individual clients needed to be protected against unauthorized use by way of a restrictive policy management.

In addition, mobile clients were being used, which were integrated into the company network at irregular intervals. “Our existing solution needed to be replaced,” said Marcel Fedorczuk, IT Officer at Kaschke GmbH. The new solution had to be easily and centrally managed and provide effective protection. It was also important for Fedorczuk to ensure that a security provider provide optimal support for the integration of the solution into the existing infrastructure, since the IT management had to be primarily performed in-house. The choice for the solution from the Bochum-based security company G DATA was a quick one.

Accurate Assessment as a Foundation

The pre-sales specialists from G DATA, together with Kaschke‘s in-house IT, analyzed the existing infrastructure in detail and identified the company’s specific requirements.

The focus here was on flexible management of the solution, seamless integration of mobile workstations, and fast and smooth support.

A trial run of the solution was conducted on site at Kaschke and came out with flying colors.

With G DATA Endpoint Protection Business, Kaschke now had a solution that perfectly met its strict security requirements while at the same time ensuring easy administration. Kaschke implemented the complete rollout in the company itself, in close cooperation with G DATA.

Marcel Fedorczuk and his team handled the settings for the various user groups, the allocation of rights and the update management with almost entirely autonomously. “We implemented the rollout in just three weeks while operation at all three locations was in full swing with no problems,” said Fedorczuk. Included in the package is the Premium Support from G DATA, whose quality already impressed the IT specialist during the migration. “Particularly impressive was the outstanding support from the G DATA specialists, which enabled a smooth migration thanks to the knowledgeable preparations they had made for the solution.”

G DATA also had the right solution for the use of laptops outside the company environment. Not only are signature updates maintained via a corresponding server, but each laptop can also load new signatures directly from a G DATA web server via the Internet.

This ensures that the mobile computers are constantly protected, even when they do not log into the company network over an extended period of time.

Naturally, the individual update of the signatures is also automated, so the individual user does not have to worry about anything.

Particularly impressive was the outstanding support from the G DATA specialists, which enabled a smooth migration thanks to the knowledgeable preparations they had made for the solution.

Marcel Fedorczuk, IT Officer, Kaschke GmbH

Performance and Service Count

Today at Kaschke GmbH, G DATA Endpoint Protection Business is being used with a license for 350 clients, 263 of which are actively used. “The great thing about the G DATA licensing model for us is that we essentially only pay for what we really use. This way, we are optimally prepared for further requirements, but on the other hand we are able to calculate optimally despite Premium Support,” says Marcel Fedorczuk, who is enthusiastic about the fast response times and support with Premium Support. “If there is a problem, the G DATA specialists provide us with an immediate solution,” says the IT officer. There is a quick reply even to a simple e-mail request.

With the G DATA Administrator, Fedorczuk gets an overview of the security solution. The management interface works cross network and can be used for all clients on the network, even if they’re run at different company locations. All associated clients are listed clearly and in a structured way. Individual user rights can be transferred from the existing Active Directory of the Kaschke network, so no special user management is needed. The Policy Manager is particularly useful for ongoing operations at Kaschke. The device control is also helpful.

“We’d been looking for a solution that controlled USB management for some time. Now we can determine which media from which users are permitted to enter the company network and which are not,” says Fedorczuk.

Another positive factor for the new G DATA security solution in the IT officer’s view is clearly the “Made in Germany” seal. “G DATA’s location in Germany gives us the certainty that the products comply with German law and that there aren’t any pre-installed “back doors,” says Fedorczuk. This gives the traditional company peace of mind, knowing that confidential company data is protected against espionage – because G DATA solutions are not only developed in Germany, but the servers are located in Germany and the support for them is local.