Networked with the best for success

G DATA and Infraforce – a successful and profitable partnership


  • Branch: EDP / IT
  • Country: Germany, Marburg
  • Product range: IT security consulting, software and hardware solutions, IT security (cloud) services

The challenge

  • Finding a trustworthy IT security partner
  • Innovative and easy-to-use IT security technologies for customers
  • Advanced expert services for security incidents

The solution

  • Partnership with G DATA
  • Easy to use G DATA B2B solutions
  • Subsidiary “G DATA Advanced Analytics” as IT service provider


  • IT-Security “Made in Germany”
  • Multiple award-winning B2B solutions
  • Fast help from the IT rescue team of “G DATA Advanced Analytcis”

For more than a decade, Infraforce has provided high-quality cyber security services. In order to secure its customers according to the latest standards, the company provides sound know-how and an extensive technology portfolio in which G DATA, as a German company, plays a prominent role as a business partner.

When the partnership between G DATA and Infraforce began, the main focus was on simple but technically efficient solutions for the IT security environment for customers. Over time, the requirements have changed, most recently due to the emerging cooperation with the TÜV Hessen group of companies, where Infraforce has been an innovative driver in TÜV SÜD’s digitization strategy since early 2018.

Due to the increased responsibility and the resulting challenges, it is important for Infraforce to be able to rely on a trustworthy partner who offers customer-friendly and reliable IT security solutions and is also an expert in the B2B environment. Frank German Franke, Managing Director of Infraforce, has long recognized this and benefits from G DATA in the business sector: “The company is based in Germany, offers a user-friendly software environment and, as a medium-sized company, has an excellent eye for the needs of medium-sized companies,” says Franke. “This is well received out there and is a unique combination”. An important target group of  Infraforce are the German middle sized businesses and customers from government agencies.

Therefore, according to Franke, G DATA’s business solutions are ideally suited for this customer environment, as they make the complex technologies controllable in an intuitive and easy-to-use GUI. Not only the software solutions convince Franke, but also the services of the G DATA subsidiary G DATA Advanced Analytics. “With the G DATA Advanced Analytics, which can quickly react with its experts to IT-security incidents, the requirements for an IT-Security enterprise were completely fulfilled from our point of view.”

Frank German Franke, CEO Infraforce

G DATA is based in Germany, offers a user-friendly software environment and, as a medium-sized company, has an excellent eye for the needs of medium-sized businesses. That is well received out there and unique as a combination.

Frank German Franke, CEO Infraforce

Partnership at eye level

The partnership between G DATA and Infraforce has helped both parties equally to develop new markets. For this special cooperation to work quickly and effectively, it requires simple and direct communication – sometimes up to the top management level of G DATA. Franke particularly appreciates this point about G DATA and praises the direct exchange: “I am not only in direct contact with the sales director, but can also work directly with the board member and founder Kai Figge on special projects. In which company is such a thing still possible at short notice?”

Inspiration for more

A business partnership, from which creative ideas emerge, has a driving and inspiring force for new things. When G DATA was awarded the PUR-S Champion Award by techconsult for 2018, Franke felt encouraged. The result is an advertisement that Infraforce uses in a marketing brochure: “We chose a boxer for the advertisement who wears black-red-gold sportswear and trains with a punch bag. The thematic link between the boxer and the champion award to G DATA for a successful campaign was quickly established,” says Franke enthusiastically.



“The cooperation with G DATA is perfect”

Infraforce has gained several advantages through the partnership with G DATA. “The cooperation with G DATA is perfect. We receive excellent support, sell a quality product ‘Made in Germany’ that is much in demand by customers, receive excellent marketing support and experience a smooth communication process right up to  top management,” says Managing Director Franke. In summary Franke endorses a continued successful partnership and wants to go together with G DATA on an even faster journey: The partnership isn’t just working out ok but is working exemplary!