Centralised management and effective protection.

IT Security for public bodies


  • Industry: Government
  • Country: Belgium
  • Size: 100 computers
  • Network: Multi-location network containing Windows server, desktop PCs and notebooks


  • Reduce incident response efforts
  • Decrease personnel expenses for security management




  • Excellent malware detection rate
  • Easy deployment across multiple locations


  • Fewer malware infections
  • Less time spent on deployment and management
  • Saving money through competitive pricing
  • Reliable support


Oliver De Cock, IT-Manager

Public bodies are going digital, so back-office workflows as well as front-office services to citizens increasingly rely on a stable IT infrastructure.

The municipality of Grâce-Hollogne in the province of Liège (Belgium) covers 6 communities and almost 22,000 inhabitants. The IT infrastructure of the municipal administration encompasses about 100 computers (administration, management of schools and libraries), most of which are located on three sites. The malware detection rate of Grâce-Hollogne’s previous security solution was too low, the central management features inadequate. On top of that, the outdated spam filter was constantly causing problems. The municipality administration’s IT department decided to start looking for a new security solution. IT manager Olivier De Cock had a clear list of demands for the prospective product’s feature set: “We were looking for a complete, effective security solution. The requirements were centralised management and deployment, mail server protection and a filter for unwanted email so we could remove the obsolete anti-spam filter.” The previous security solution presented problems in terms of protection. Its failure to reliably detect malware led to high incident response efforts. IT employees frequently spent 2 to 3 hours a week disinfecting workstations that had become infected. So in addition to the anti-spam and management features, the new solution had to offer high malware detection rates. Since there were multiple sites to protect, the solution needed to be easy to administer. From a single control panel, administrators would need to monitor and manage every workstation across multiple VPN-connected sites – another workflow the previous solution didn’t address well enough.


De Cock regularly checks malware detection test results delivered by independent laboratories. When he found out that G DATA regularly appears at the top of these comparisons, he sought contact with sales representatives and deployed a trial version of G DATA Endpoint Protection Business to a test network. Right from the start, it proved to be a great decision, as the solution met all requirements. Unlike the previous product, deployment was very easy to set up, leading to significant time savings when deploying new clients. De Cock had originally planned to buy a third-party solution for client Policy Management, but during the testing phase he found out that Endpoint Protection Business already included this functionality. “We had problems managing access to peripherals such as USB sticks or DVD drives. G DATA delivered more than we were expecting because it helped us make sure that the devices, as well as the software located on the workstations, were secure.” As soon as the technical test was completed, a second sales meeting was planned. A pleasant surprise awaited the municipality administration’s IT department: the very attractive pricing of G DATA solutions. A competitive tender process was initiated and after receiving all tenders, it turned out that G DATA provided the best bid. The savings turned out to be almost 20% compared to the previous security solution!


By deploying G DATA Endpoint Protection Business, the municipal administration’s IT department has reduced its expenditure for IT security by 20%, as well as acquiring a more feature-rich solution. Policy Management, an effective spam filter, central administration: Endpoint Protection Business provides an extensive feature set at a surprisingly attractive price. The malware detection rate is higher than ever, so potential security risks are quickly eradicated. And even in case of problems, G DATA provides excellent in-house technical support. “With G DATA, support is available in our own language and contact is always positive,” says De Cock.