Reliable security across all locations.

IT security for the chemical industry


  • Industry: Chemical production
  • Country: Spain
  • Size: 35 employees
  • Network: Windows Server 2012, Windows XP and Windows 7


  • Protect mixed network of Windows XP and Windows 7 clients
  • Reduce complexity of securing multiple locations



  • Excellent malware detection rate
  • Easy deployment across multiple locations
  • No employment training needed


  • Fewer malware infections
  • Less time spent on deployment and management
  • No impact on client usage


Maite Pérez, IT department Lead.

Many companies rely on products from the chemical industry. To ensure a dependable and consistent production, chemical companies need to make sure their IT security is up to par.

BCN Peptides, GP Pharm and BCN Peptides Corporate form a perfect team in the field of fine chemicals. For over two decades, BCN Peptides has been dedicated to the research, production and marketing of bioactive peptides for pharmaceutical, veterinary and cosmetic applications. GP Pharm specializes in the development of injectable products for use in urology and oncology, from chemical studies to ready-to-market goods. Located in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Spain), BCN Peptides Corporate and its 35 employees support both companies with business services such as human resources, accounting, finance and IT. Centralised security and IT threat management is an important subject at BCN Peptides Corporate. Maite Pérez, IT department lead, explains: “Because we are providing services to multiple companies within the group holding, security management has become a very complicated issue. Centrally managing IT security for the various offices is one of the challenges we face every day.” Looking for centralisation and simplification, the IT department set out to find a new security solution that suited the company’s structure. Efficient centralised management was not the only requirement. Powerful malware detection was also an absolute priority. BCN Peptide Corporate’s network includes Windows-based servers and clients, with some clients still running Windows XP, others Windows 7. Regardless of operating system, the same level of security needed to be provided to all clients.


After carrying out a survey of security solutions on the market, BCN Peptides Corporate found out that G DATA solutions are highly regarded among professionals. A demonstration of the product confirmed that G DATA Antivirus Business was the best fit for the company. “After seeing the possibilities the solution offered us, we decided to buy it,” says Pérez. The implementation was conducted in several phases. At first, Antivirus Business was installed on clients in BCN Peptides Corporate’s network. After a short pilot period, the deployment was rolled out to the rest of the network at BCN Peptides and GH Pharm. All in all, the solution was easy to implement and the deployment hardly took any time – one of the unique selling points of the product range. In total, more than 100 clients have been equipped with full antivirus functionality, which protects them by blocking malware and transparently scanning POP3 and IMAP e-mail. The solution has been installed on a 64-bit Windows Server 2012 installation and mainly serves Windows XP and Windows 7 clients. Because the protection is carried out in the background, employees do not need any additional training.


Considering the needs of BCN Peptides Corporate’s IT department, Pérez highlights one of the most helpful features of G DATA solutions: “The option of centralizing administration for our various locations.” G DATA Antivirus Business has prominent features for central management, including a clear structure and an easy management module. All client processes are run in the background, so users cannot compromise any of the security features that have been configured for their client. The low resource usage ensures users do not notice any performance hit while using their PCs. By choosing Antivirus Business, BCN Peptides Corporate has reduced the complexity of managing security for the various networks under their control. The new security solution has been seamlessly integrated into the existing IT systems. The company has already seen the benefits of G DATA’s sophisticated security technologies: “Now that we have installed Antivirus Business, we are able to quickly detect and act upon malware infections,” concludes Pérez